Top 23 Funnies Doggy Posts That Will Put Smiles On Your Face

Dogs are adored for their joyfulness, loyalty, and energy. Loving their warmth and passionate way of displaying affection, dog people always love to say hi to any woofing friend they meet. Though we hear stories about intelligent dogs all the time, they are truly a gold mine of dumbness and jokes. Being under a roof with a dog means being the center of the canine's world and bearing with his (her) rib-tickling characteristic.
On the other hand, many other pet owners find that dogs aren't designed to be their families. It's understandable. Still, it doesn't mean dogs are hated or non-dog people can't enjoy the fun and loveliness of pups. Posts and photos of these woofing fellows are harmless and sometimes can be soul-healing.
Why don't you discover plenty of funny other sides of canines? Here they come!

#1. A doggo from Portugal called Bobi has just been named the oldest dog in the world, and ever at 30 years, 226 days old!

Source: u/Darren-B80

#2. "Please meet my Lisa Frank edition Dalmatian!"

Source: u/bassturd71

#3. He saw a squirrel up in the tree

Source: u/CrystalWeim

#4. Name their band

Source: u/Hydr01d

#5. "Why does my new dog only have long hair on the upper half of his body?"

Source: u/McRib_

#6. "A very happy 14th birthday to my biggest puppy, Bailey!"

Source: reddit

#7. "So apparently my dog, whom I adopted from the street has a son..."

Source: u/blacklust46

#8. "We couldn't seem to coordinate our smiles lol Love this big dork!"

Source: u/JBird1392

#9. Luna’s Sonata ?

Source: u/JohnettaPetrie

#10. "I drew my dog, Diego "

Source: u/DinsPearl-

#11. She tells jokes…

Source: u/Dry-Radio1908

#12. That moment when you get home after a long day and finally lay in bed

Source: u/xbejgb

#13. "My new baby Hailey"

Source: u/Weak_Region_5871

#14. "My Treasure"

Source: u/Azorius_sky

#15. "Saw this huge dog in the vet!"

Source: u/TK_Forest

#16. Dakota is 15 this summer

Source: u/kalamazoo43

#17. "My grandfather passed away last month, and his Chessie has been snuggling with me constantly, even getting under the covers in bed with me. I'm giving her every ounce of love I can"

Source: u/toryst0ry93

#18. "The first (of many) selfies of me and my boy"

Source: u/JuBreCaBra

#19. "My Mia is literally a world traveler. She's been to 3 continents and 7 countries already."

Source: u/kaanbozoglu

#20. Stop It…

Source: u/Dry-Radio1908

#21. Mr. Wilson! A true gentleman

Source: u/Particular-Sandwich5

#22. "Why does my dog look like this at times"

Source: u/TH3J0K3R_WasTaken

#23. The newest little addition to the household!

Source: u/jkas95

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