Top 11 Weirdest Celebrity Hobbies That You Will Not Believe

Famous people have interests and lives outside of stardom, so don't be too surprised if your favorite celebs have some unique habits and hobbies. We all know they are big stars and extremely busy, but they have such passions and desires for their things that they manage to spend their precious time on these kinds of stuff.
Some of these celebrities participate in weird, endearing hobbies or just have a completely different side that fans never imagined but would love to see. It is marvelous to understand more about these idols and realize they belong to Earth as us since we always think they are perfect and come from the stars up above.
Let's take a deep dive and check out the most interesting, bizarre, and strangely wholesome hobbies of celebrities that were completely unexpected!

#1. Beyoncé Knowles: Making honey

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Beyoncé was buzzing with excitement as she revealed her hidden hobby - beekeeping. She started the beehives because her daughters, Blue and Rumi, both have terrible allergies, and honey has countless healing properties.

#2. Kendall Jenner: Bird calling

Source: Vogue

During an appearance on the James Corden Hidden Talents Show, Jenner revealed a knack for birds calling. She must have been practicing a lot to be able to do it unless she was born with the skill naturally.

#3. Taylor Swift: Making snow globes

Source: taylorswift instagram

Gushing about the D.I.Y hobby picked up from Pinterest, the singer revealed that she uses mason jars, antiques, and glitter to fashion the gifts and that putting them together makes her feel like a kid again.

#4. Mike Tyson: Pigeon racing

Source: Manny Millan/SI

Not only does Tyson attend a pigeon pageant every year in Canada, but he's apparently pretty good at it too. The former boxer is known to be entirely dedicated to training his birds and even hopes that the sport will become more popular.

#5. Angelina Jolie: Collecting Daggers

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The actress revealed that her mother got her into the hobby (by buying her the very first dagger when she was 11-12 years old) and that she was passing it on to her son Maddox. They also talk about samurais and about the idea of defending someone as good.

#6. Tom Hanks: Collecting vintage typewriters

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The actor discusses everything about the hobby, from getting his first model at 19, to the 250+ that he now has in his collection. While it's been a joy to collect them, he revealed that he plans to slowly give them away, eventually only owning one.

#7. Katy Perry: Collecting other celebrities' hair

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Perry loves to play around with her hair. She even admitted that she used to keep Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift's locks in her purse. She said it was creepy, but she liked it.

#8. Paris Hilton: Frog hunting and vintage radio restoring

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Hilton loves frog hunting. We don’t know whether she believes in fairy tales, but she catches frogs, puts them in a bucket, and then lets them go. Furthermore, she insisted that no amphibians were hurt in the process. Besides, she collected European antique radios.

#9. Johnny Depp: collecting dolls

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Depp is actually rather proud of his doll collection and likes speaking about it when asked. He has several dolls of celebrities and numerous Barbie dolls. He said that he loved playing with dolls with his children when they were small.

#10. Penelope Cruz: Collecting coat hangers

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Cruz admitted to having collected over 500 coat hangers in various shapes and sizes - none in metal. Perhaps it’s because hangers serve the purpose of hanging up her vast designer wardrobe.

#11. Anna Faris & Chris Pratt: collecting bugs & insects

Source: MN Plus

The famous couple shares the same love of collecting dead bugs. Faris said she'd "started to cry" (happy tears) after he invited her over to show off his collection.
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