20 Times Parents Thought They Were Having Babies Yet Gave Birth To Tiny Oldies Instead

While every baby is cute and attractive in their own way, some look so old that you might mistakenly call them 'Sir' or 'Lady'. Every parent has expectations about how their baby will look before they are born. They often guess about the details of their future child's face based on their own facial features. Usually, newborn babies look very immature and small.
But wait, the photos below go against all the laws of nature and of course against the expectations of parents. However, they are certainly still extremely cute. The photos of these babies with strangely experienced faces also bring happiness to netizens. Look at 20 times parents gave birth to tiny oldies and laugh off the floor with Layla! Let’s go! If you’re hungry for some more hilarious situations, don’t miss our post here.

#1. I'm alive but I ain't happy about it.

Source: la0kny

#2. My son as a newborn 60 year old philosopher

Source: lsob2e

#3. Wise old soul

Source: m5y0gn

#4. My Tiny Grandpa

Source: pinterest

#5. Baby Pattern Baldness

Source: 5hmmnv

#6. Little Dude Got Some Serious Old Man Brows

Source: 2wrvge

#7. He looks so middle-aged

Source: pinterest

#8. 1 Month Till My 80th Birthday

Source: 5lc5y5

#9. My Cousin's 3-Week-Old Son

Source: 6m44zn

#10. 44 1,000 Yard Stare

Source: 5duvix

#11. My Son, Not A Day Over 80

Source: 2wyap6

#12. Old Baby. My Son Just As He Plopped Down From Standing

Source: 2zxtpc

#13. 7 Lbs 11 Oz, 81 Years Old

Source: 711fo8

#14. Grandpa Baby

Source: 2d4n5e

#15. My Eighty Year Old One Day Old Son

Source: 4p0bhq

#16. Where Am I?!

Source: 2xp7ga

#17. Baby Looks Happy To Collect His First Pension Slip

Source: instagram

#18. Not Amused In The Slightest

Source: 6s2tom

#19. Get Off My Lawn And Let Me Enjoy My Metamucil

Source: 86l3ms

#20. Nursing Home Shot

Source: 2t2j9u

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