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  1. Alix Earle Opens Up About Dad Thomas Earle’s Affair On 'Call Her Daddy'
  2. Apart From A Scandalous Past, Thomas Is Also A Successful Businessperson With His Family Business

Thomas Earle, Alix Earle’s Dad Shook Her Life With His Affair: What Do We Know About Him?

We all remember Alix Earle as a viral TikTok sensation with more than five million followers, but few would know that she’s not the only celebrity in the Earle household. Alix Earle’s dad, Thomas Earle, a.k.a TJ, is another renowned figure in the showbiz.

Thomas is most infamous for dating Ashley “Kristen” Dupre, a former call girl who was involved in the Eliot Splitzer prostitution scandal back in 2008. So, what do we know more about the man and his extramarital affair?


Alix Earle Opens Up About Dad Thomas Earle’s Affair On 'Call Her Daddy'

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The private affair between Thomas and Ashley Dupré quickly turned into a highly publicized matter, due to Dupré's involvement with high-profile men. Back in 2008, Thomas lied to his wife that he was going on a business trip to Colorado. Instead, he took his missus to Manhattan, New York, to enjoy some shopping and dining trips. They then returned to the Gramercy, the very hotel where Thomas and Alisa commemorate their wedding anniversary annually.

The shocking affair astonished everyone related to the two. One of Thomas’s friends in college revealed that back in the day, TJ managed to steal Alisa away from a soccer player. They even stated that Alisa “tamed the former wild man” in Thomas and that the latter “fell for her as soon as they met”. They remained that way until their departure.

Even though the incident happened long ago, and there was no bad blood in the extended family, on the podcast "Call Her Daddy," Alix talked about the impact the imploding family drama has on her.

In the revealing podcast hosted by Alex Cooper, Alix delved into that pivotal moment, when she was only a second grader. Alix remembered vividly the day paparazzi swarmed her family's home, driven by her father's involvement with a well-known, scandalous figure like Ashley.

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Alix confessed, "I've never talked about this online before, I was waiting for the right platform or moment." Recalling the chaotic day, she admitted that, initially, she had "no idea" about the commotion. She shared how her mother quickly moved her and her sister to their cousins' home, all while she thought news broadcasters were interviewing neighbors.

Yet, Alix's full understanding of the situation only dawned on her two years later, around fourth grade, when she turned to Google. She discovered that her life had been built on a lie, thanks to her father's affair with someone of notoriety in high-class circles.

This revelation shook her world to its core, as Alix put it, "My dad's affair became a very public situation." She praised her mother, Alisa, for her maturity and her efforts to shield Alix and her sister from the tumultuous affair, ensuring a semblance of civility amidst the ongoing drama.

After the divorce, the two moved on with their lives, with Thomas eventually engaged to Ashley Dupre a year later in Paris. They officially tied the knot in the iconic George V Hotel in 2013.

Nowadays, the couple still lives happily in Monmouth County, New Jersey, as per Daily Mail. Thomas continues his family business and Ashley is now a stay-at-home mother. They have three children together: Izabel, 10, Penelope, 8, and Thomas James II, 6, with whom Alix frequently keeps contact.

Fast forward a decade and a half, and the Earle family has transformed into more than just a united front – they've become closer than ever. In addition to the younger step-siblings, the entire Earle clan, comprising Alix, Alisa, Ashtin, and TJ, now frequently convene for family dinners in the Hamptons and enjoy regular get-togethers in their native New Jersey. You can say that it's a good ending for all of them.


Apart From A Scandalous Past, Thomas Is Also A Successful Businessperson With His Family Business

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Before his affair with Ashley Dupre, Thomas Earle got married to Alisa Earle, and the two have two daughters, Alix and Ashtin. Their other daughter, Ashtin Earle, is currently a student at Tulane University studying psychology.

Thomas Earle and Alisa met at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. However, the couple parted ways around 2011 after Thomas was caught cheating with the former prostitute Ashley Dupre.

Following the successful completion of his business administration degree at Lynn University, Thomas assumed the leadership of the Earle family's construction business. As per his LinkedIn profile, he holds a primary role in the executive management of various business units, including asphalt and aggregates, environmental, and trucking.

Located in Farmingdale, New Jersey, Thomas's company operates in a state that holds special significance for Alix. She frequently reminisces about her upbringing in New Jersey, sharing glimpses of her life on platforms like TikTok, where she's seen visiting local favorites such as Rook Coffee and D'Jais Oceanview Bar & Café.


According to the company, Earle specializes in a range of services encompassing Private and Municipal Road Construction, Paving, Heavy and Highway Construction, as well as the Manufacturing, Recycling, and Transportation of construction materials. Over its 40-year history, the company has established itself as a leading entity in the industry.

TJ also proves to be a somewhat efficient businessman, as according to internet estimations, his shrewd business sense and unwavering commitment earned an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Just like his TikTok star daughter Alix, Thomas Earle is a talented man with a knack for business. However, his impressive accomplishments are greatly overshadowed by his controversial affair with his current wife, Ashley Dupre. 

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