This Man Demonstrates Bafflingly How To Deal With Karenism Troubles

Karen is a common stereotype of a woman or man who uses her privilege to demand her way at the expense of others. Besides, people often joke about Karen as an entitled troublemaker. On a bad day, when somebody encounters a Karen, they can only sigh, walk away, and hope that Karen's soul will be saved. However, not everyone handles a Karen peacefully. Read the story below to see how this man confronted a woman misconstruing him!

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"No, Ma'am! I'm Not A Staff..."

The man used to work with different kinds of people, so he was confident in dealing with any troublemaker. He was familiar with being mistaken for a clerk, but he was always chilling about it, except when a woman made a rude noise to call him for help at a store. Despise her impolite words, the man gently explained that he didn't work at the store.

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"You Asker For This!"

Still, the awkward lady started saying bad language and made him find the item she needed. She was so insistent about him being a staff that the man thought he wouldn't run away from her easily without causing a mess. Thus, he came up with an idea and asked her what she liked to buy.

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"Here We Go Merry Around"

Next, he acted like he was helping her and began to push his buggy around the place. As he kept walking over aisles and aisles, the woman got tired and was gasping for air. Eventually, the man stopped at the book section for children, where they put spelling books on the shelf.

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"Here's My Offer!"

When the hag spoke cursing words to ask for her item again, he pulled a reading-practicing book for kids and offered it to her since she couldn't read and tell the difference between an employee and a customer. As he predicted, the incident drew two clerks toward them. However, they couldn't hear the conversation but only saw the smile on the man's face.

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"Hold Your Tantrums, Please!"

The next thing they knew was the Karen-like woman throwing the book at him and yelling that she wanted to fire him. Finally, the manager appeared. The man secretly told him and the two employees the whole situation and his joking idea. Then, everyone started to chuckle except the Karen lady, cursing and threatening the man nonstop.

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"Don't Be A Karen!"

At the end of the story, a few female employees escorted her to the front counter. Furthermore, the man knew she was going to be detained and barred from the store. It ended up with everybody having something to laugh at.

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