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  1. Oh, and the heat will destroy us...
  2. Oh, and let's not forget these tan lines!

Think You Had A Bad Summer? These People Had It Worse

Think you had a bad summer? Maybe you spent the summer of this nightmare of a year sitting inside, wondering when you're going to be able to go to the beach without worrying again. Thankfully, there is a cure to make your summer look like it was the best one yet, and that is seeing other people's hilariously bad moments from the past few months. So before you start getting bummed out about your beach season being a big let-down, take a look at these photos and be glad you didn't have a summer as terrible as the following folks!
From awful sunburn to yikes armpit sweat, these following summer fails once again prove that summer, while a holiday-filled season, can also be a pain in our asses. With all that said, let’s dive right into our list and gag ourselves up. Quick, before the heatwave arrives and we end up awake all night, boiling in our own sweat LMAO.

#1. Bye bye hat!

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#2. Ugh, grass stains on everything!

Source: midwestvseverybody

#3. "After 40 ° heat, it finally started to rain."


#4. LOL!

Source: workretiredie

#5. Taking photos at the beach it's fun they say:

Source: ebaumsworld

Oh, and the heat will destroy us...

#6. From the bed:

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#7. To the gym

Source: olsenchad3

#8. Let's hit the train, also...

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#9. And on the street...

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#10. But keep smiling, I guess?

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#11. When you know it's hot:

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#12. Sharing is caring, y'all!

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#13. "Come on, I just wanted an ice cream!"

Source: keet0007

#14. "Hot Australian days have melted our wax Buddha into slumber."

Source: slowend

Oh, and let's not forget these tan lines!

#15. Neapolitan ice cream!

Source: pooter7

#16. Popsicles arms.

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#17. Ripped jeans in the summer:

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#18. "It's a bit hot in Australia today:"

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#19. Even your phone is crying...

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#20. Humiditiddies:

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#21. "I'm a bit of a fan myself."

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