These Safety Violations Are So Silly That People Have To Shame Them Online

Personal protection equipment and numerous safety measures were developed because working on-site can be quite dangerous. However, even though they have the potential to save lives and help avoid injuries, some workers still view them as little more than a bother.
It's astonishing to see the lengths some employees will go to in order to avoid donning some gloves and a helmet, as shared by the members of r/OSHA, a subreddit named after the acronym for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. See a few of the silliest safety infractions that have been documented in the gallery below.

#1. I Hope A Little Humor Is Allowed… If Not Please Remove

Source: Fonzie1225

#2. Looks Like Art!

Source: Popal24

#3. Break Time!

Source: s1gnalZer0

#4. Use Stares – Not Elevators

Source: Ian_Rubbish

#5. Either Way I’m Going To Die, At Least I Can Go Painlessly

Source: LordLoko

#6. Newton’s First Law Of Motion

Source: TheComputer314

#7. There Has To Be A Better Way

Source: smeggysmeg

#8. When You Don’t Properly Secure Your Load

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

#9. Scissor Factory Safety

Source: Tarquin-Lim-Pin-Bin

#10. Not Sure How I Feel About The New Lock Out Tag Out

Source: AldoG960

#11. Middle Easterners Know How To Party

Source: avivi_

#12. Safety Poster At An Amazon Warehouse

Source: s1gnalZer0

#13. A Little Of Russian Spirit

Source: beeyev

#14. Doesn’t Look Too Safe

Source: quasi_kid

#15. “Wear PPE” To Me When I Was A Kid. “I Don’t Need Protection” My Dad Now

Source: silver_dollarz

#16. It Was Too Expensive To Fix The Sensor, Boss. I Solved The Problem Though

Source: rfwaverider

#17. There’s Just So Many Things Wrong Here

Source: thecreepytoast

#18. Well I Hope Nothing Goes Wrong

Source: BargeryDargeryDoo

#19. Nothing Wrong Here?

Source: ApexGunner

#20. A Rube Goldberg Machine Of Broken Bones Starting With Guy On The Left

Source: 21redditidder12

#21. I Work At A Nature Preserve. A Lawnmower Launched A Rock That Shattered The Greenhouse’s Glass Door. So I Mounted It On A Plaque In The Greenhouse

Source: HandMadeFeelings

#22. Advert I Bumped On Today.. “Professionals” But Jeans And Casual Shoes, No Harness, And Stretching The Hose

Source: YanisK

#23. Safe To Say It’s Pretty Cold Here At The Moment. It’s Common For The Workers To Be Transported Home In This Fashion But Never With A Fire Before

Source: xeandra_a

#24. If It’s Stupid And It Works…

Source: bolivar-shagnasty

#25. Don’t Worry, Propane Is Stored In The Shed Too

Source: jake2w1

#26. Why Women Live Longer

Source: artemiswinchester

#27. I Don’t Think This Is How You Should Handle Asbestos

Source: s1gnalZer0

#28. Harnesses Are Overrated

Source: D_Card

#29. That’s A Structural Ethernet Cable

Source: purdy1985

#30. Ah Yes, Algae And Stagnant Water In The Water Cooler

Source: Lurker1303

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