These Ridiculously Dumb Individuals Actually Exist, And We Can't Wait To Share It With You

Human idiocy is limitless; we all make cringe-worthy mistakes from time to time. However, some people go beyond simple stupidity and harm themselves or others.
One such community that doesn't spare any stupid people who are discovered online is the r/TerminallyStupid subreddit on Reddit. The online group, which has more than 121k members, is specifically for "someone who is terminally stupid—being stupid in a way that endangers their life or the safety of others." Read some of the group members' funniest posts by scrolling down below.

#1. At night

#2. Food can’t fly


#3. AM doEs nOT eXIst iN tHE ENgliSH LanGUaGE!

Source: Knight-Creep

#4. Grown adult doesn’t understand how rainbows work

Source: garrettw_19

#5. I see you're as intolerant as you are stupid.

Source: BenShapiroMemeReview

#6. How could someone even begin to think this is how it works?

Source: crabtimeyumyum

#7. Smooth

Source: y2shaf

#8. *facepalms*

Source: myandherpancakes

#9. Flat earth

Source: skcxgod

#10. To destroy a giant snowman

Source: Daedalus_Mind

#11. Thoughts and prayers to the last occupant of our airbnb who clearly thought this coaster was a digestive

Source: hotelluxband

#12. This employer

Source: SmallCubes

#13. Well that sucks

Source: __info__

#14. My brother put a chopping board under the pizza to catch the stuff it drops

Source: hoginlly

#15. Syrup Sanitizer

#16. Friend of mine started their day off poorly.


#17. This should be easy if we use our 360 degree cameras.

Source: chrisrobles

#18. Painted himself in a corner.

Source: basshead541

#19. Where is Gordon Ramsey when you need him

Source: someonelseyoumightknow

#20. Ice isn’t real and snow is made of chemtrails.


#21. I love reptiles, too...

Source: darthkitty8

#22. Corndogs in the Wild

Source: bitsandpieces

#23. I have no words.

Source: Coolpool785

#24. Brexit at a whole new level

Source: WeirdB1NarY

#25. Just give it a snorkel

Source: ProbablyNotKevin

#26. Just don’t buy it?

Source: TheWaiterDebator

#27. Never bake cookies in a crop top

Source: SaraBear250

#28. Locked out

Source: iam_nobody


Source: Twizzyu

#30. Excuse me ma'am...that's not how that works...

Source: Twizzyu

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