These Parents Accidentally Shamed Themselves While Bragging About Their Smart Children

All parents are proud their kids. They boast about their children with all of their neighbors, friends, and family members both in person and online. If you use social media, you're undoubtedly used to seeing postings about parents joking on their children. It may seem too weird to be true, but this is actually the case. Parents occasionally even adopt it to carry out their own parenting tricks. Although parents love their kids, sometimes that love can be odd. Right?
The satisfaction of having a nice kid is unmatched by any other emotion. Really as you finish reading certain posts, though, you could perform a double-take and ask, "Did that really just happen? People sometimes overstate stories just to show how clever their children are. Here are the top 18 status updates that individuals have posted on social media sites to brag about their smart children.

#1 Wow

Source: CarbonScum

#2 Amazing caption

Source: Jickempoo

#3 Oops

Source: ltheron

#4 Really

Source: Chainbody

#5 When you know, you know

Source: katesrepublic

#6 That may be real

Source: RobbySlowik

#7 So emotional

Source: roberta1013

#8 “So jot that down.”

Source: saintwyatt

#9 Do you think she was relieved when she saw a map afterward or just more confused?

Source: whatmonsters

#10 That hurts

Source: Merlinfrost

#11 How can she be born this genius?

Source: owlbewatchinyou

#12 That's quite a 6-year-old

Source: GuntherMaru

#13 I'm really curious what her benchmark was for "finishing high school"

Source: tweetspie

#14 So thoughtful

Source: Freddie83

#15 Ouch

Source: prisongovernor

#16 Hope he's fine

Source: SusanHo53359347

#17 "He's only 2"

Source: ScholarDefiant1273

#18 Me either

Source: ZeppelinCoop

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