These Hilarious Pranks Will Make You Laugh Your A** Off

Life is hard. It forces us to deal with issues all the time. It's true that occasionally we become fatigued and that you need to refresh. If you're still having trouble locating those energy sources, we're happy to provide you some recommendations. Our job is to bring everything funny in the world to your computer screen. Pranks are over and above the thousands of humorous things. Who doesn't lose their voice laughing at jokes?
We might claim that practical jokes make life lot simpler and more entertaining. If performed correctly, pranks can instantly improve your mood and leave you feeling amused and joyful. These people did a great job pulling practical jokes on other people. Let's look and see which of these gets you laugh the loudest.

#1 Friend’s husband played a prank on her.

Source: lil_gingerale4

#2 I am the only one in the building today. Someone pranked me and scared me to death

Source: shadknight20

#3 Glitter Bomb Birthday prank card

Source: PaulDeGraaf

I’m making a glitter bomb birthday prank pop-up card for my favorite friends. This is the first concept. Testing with confetti because, glitter. I now have to find a sweet spot for the rubber band tension and also have to secure the glitter in a pocket. And how to hide the rubber band. I do have some ideas how to fix that all for the next version. Final design will be with luxury gold foil text and gold glitter.

#4 Oh c'mon

Source: bdt01

#5 Must be stuck in Russian mode. Ask more angrily

Source: EzioAuditore74

#6 This is a drone for my dad in the shape of a ten-gallon hat

Source: thugnificent856

#7 Nice wrapping idea

Source: Battelalon

#8 Whenever it's her time to cook

Source: deadmongoose

#9 "My parents drove almost an hour out of their way to prank me after I pranked their cars over thanksgiving weekend. I’m open to any ideas on how to get them back."

Source: manda44720

#10 Friends decided to pull a prank on me while I was in class. Thought I'd share the suffering

Source: jerge801

#11 Perfect assistant

Source: Clinkenbeard

#12 Perfect prank: when your friend secretly uses a picture of your face to make tee shirts, and donates a ton of them to local thrift stores. Happy 30th birthday, Ben. We hope to see your face on many random strangers in the greater Cleveland area. #wherehaveyouBen

Source: juliejasinski

#13 I bumped one of Jim’s pranks up just a tad. Friend thought it should be here.

Source: Invaliedusername

#14 I covered my friend’s car with 1000 nerf darts for his morning carpool.

Source: djmunny

#15 Someone had fun at Walmart

Source: jhizzzzzz

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