These Funny Pictures Show Why Humans Can Never Get Into A Cat's Mind

Feline is a mind-boggling species. They can be silky and fittable to every containing item, but they can also be so tough that they even pull down Christmas pine trees. They can be picky eaters that usually leave their food leftover, yet never allow any creatures to touch their meals. Though they look bored of being left alone in a big house, they don't welcome anyone stopping by and saying hi. Yup, they are cats, and we love them for that.
On the opposite side, cats can be sweet and friendly. They are surprising angels that humans will never be able to understand. Kittens' logic is simple, but sometimes it is too confusing to be explained by any complicated theories. What do we do? We accept their chaotic yet overloading cute behaviors and continue to adore them.
Can you know all about these furry little friends? Watch this funny pictures of cats compilation and try to tell what they are doing and thinking!

#1. Lord

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/GC2E

#2. Interesting meow

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/MarlenKillian

#3. Before the zoomies....and during the zoomies

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/petite-tarte

#4. Kitty is tired after the workout

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/GhostofStarmanJr

#5. You call a plumber and this is who they send over:

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/dannybeiler

#6. "Mooom! An intruder!"

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/Barticel56

#7. Wilson is judging you

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/FrrriskyWhiskey

#8. Bird

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/GC2E

#9. The purrtatos are growing well

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/Cybertronian_Grizzly

#10. "My sweet boy, Morbo, is excited about his new child-sized tunnel."

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/PizzaTammer

#11. "This is the third cat to walk into my house in a month. I have no clue what is going on anymore and my partner has told me three is the max."

Source: u/CherrySquidMilk

#12. "My kitten Clementine" (Perfect borderline)

My kitten ClementineSource: u/ekleiter

#13. By the looks of the cat’s eyes, he or she has only just begun…

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/-thaihotwife-

#14. A God-sent ornament

A God-sent ornamentSource: u/Mrsla1

#15. "Umm, that will be eight. Eight is great."

Umm, that will be eight. Eight is greatSource: u/P_FFFF

#16. Surveillance Camera In Use

Surveillance Camera In UseSource: u/Skrylfr

#17. Hissy Potter

Hissy PotterSource: u/DailyServiceDuty

#18. "Your Uber awaits, M'lady."

Your Uber awaits, M'ladySource: u/bassnectarhead12

#19. This cuteness...

This cuteness...Source: u/sirhene

#20. Package inspection team

Package inspection teamSource: u/Laney20

#21. Professor meow (zoom in to see him in the center of the pic)

Funny pictures of catsSource: u/bieleft

#22. Giving sermons at a mosque

Giving sermons at a mosqueSource: u/UrNemisis

#23. “Told my wife my cat doesn’t need expensive toys. Cat proved my point.”

Source: Azeri***

#24. Pawbucks

PawbucksSource: r23dom

#25. Spy in training

Source: u/HaniaElkhater

#26. “Mission accomplished”!

Source: u/vampireboobs

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