These Customers Should Be Banned From All Restaurants

Anyone who's ever worked in the food service industry is bound to have met one of theseā€”an extremely rude customer who shouldn't be allowed back into the restaurant. Or to order food ever again! The sad part is, rude customers aren't even that rare.
They're pretty darn common and make the lives of waiters, restaurant employees, and baristas a waking nightmare. Aubtu authors wanted to show you some of the things service industry personnel have been through with rude customers, so we collected some of the best posts by servers from all over the net.

#1 Some people are literal trash

Source: Red69black22

#2 Disgusting

Source: EllethOfGondolin

#3 This is not and will never be accepted as tips

Source: UncleZangief

#4 The effort people put into typing and printing out and keeping these paper amazes me

Source: duque121

#5 Some must think it's funny to do this

Source: bortsimpsonson

#6 Why the waitress?

Source: cjrocks1231

#7 People are weird, creepy, and scary

Source: Shay_Mar

#8 Trash customers

Source: Yeddadle

#9 What is it like when an adult throws a tantrum?

Source: drukqsx

#10 People are so out of line

Source: YungStaebell

#11 No one wants to see your bare feet while having a meal

Source: boozinBanthony

#12 This is just super gross

Source: SaiFromSd

#13 Then at least clean it up when you leave, argg

Source: fibbybob

#14 People are so childish

Source: shinn315

#15 I'll shut the door to keep people like this out of my place

Source: iamnotamonki

#16 Eww, gross. Why can't they just go to the bathroom?

Source: darkchihuahua85

#17 Can't believe people have to put up this sign

Source: thatfathooker

#18 How entitled is too entitled?

Source: richpacker

#19 This is just super gross

Source: TrulyEnigmatic

#20 Tips they say...

Source: californiagovernor

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