These Are The Reasons Why Letter Spacing Is Hecking Vital

Although theoretically invisible, the space between two characters or phrases has just as much meaning as other characters. A name or phrase's context or meaning might be completely altered by incorrect use or an absence of letter space.
Sometimes the letters are written a little bit too close to one another and form a different word, other times the space between the letters gets too wide that it becomes a different thing.

#1. What style of massage is this?

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#2. Fonts and kerning matter

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#3. I'm sorry, what's broken?

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#4. Why you shouldn't name your son Clint.

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#5. Spacing is important

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#6. My math teacher also taught us the importance of kerning.

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#7. Bull Titan US

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You're fortunate that your name isn't Clint if you're disregarding the significance of letter space. Because if you have this name, it's likely that the barista has given you a different name each time they have to put it on your cup. And believe us, when we say that, you won't like how your name is written.

#8. Hey Walmart... kerning is important.

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#9. Worst tart ever

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#10. Bad kerning, good 'shrooms

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#11. My aunt in the Philippines made a nice birthday cake for my relative Curt.....

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#12. Corporate told us to pull these off the shelves immediately. Maybe they should pick a different font next time.

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#13. LEGO Click Brick

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