These Are The Food Scams That Never Stop To Enrage Us

Nothing hurts as much as a food scam, in my humble opinion, but you don't have to agree with me.
Imagine a single piece of raisin on a fluffy cinnamon-raisin bagel or a dab of mayo softly adhered to a taco when you ask for more sour cream on the side. You might also consider how many lies you had to bitterly accept to buy into all that deceitful packaging that was sold on the stores like it was nothing. I'm at a loss for words if that isn't cruel.
Food scams are so widespread, people don’t really talk about ‘em. Have we all become immune to them? Luckily, there’s one corner of reddit known as r/foodscam that shares all fraudulent incidents of people getting not what they ordered, not what they paid for, and strictly not what they wanted. Let’s see a selection of the nastiest food scams below.

#1 "I expect nothing and I'm still let down"

Source: Grego-o

#2 This sign at a restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard that I just saw

Source: Duckboy02

#3 Packaging that tricks you

Source: NoFixedName

#4 This only becomes 12-pack of rolls when you cut each one into four pieces

Source: yashiismad32

#5 Muffin appears to have lots of blueberries, but inside it has zero

Source: ZombiedudeO_o

#6 Just add all the ingredients of a smoothie!

Source: PiratetheFoxy

#7 Buying a solid milk chocolate Stanley Cup? Surely you only expected half of one

Source: TyCooper8

#8 Side salad vs full-sized salad. They appear to have the same amount of food, just different-sized plates

Source: MF10R3R

#9 They knew what they were doing. It was perfectly placed in the box

Source: ArtistWolf

#10 Difference between a small and a large beer

Source: Obito_GF

#11 This Shameless cranberry chocolate bar

Source: adenmck

#12 I've never seen such a dishonest sandwich

Source: Chicken_Sauce

#13 A little surprise inside my cookie container

Source: SinTan1729

#14 Here's a "bucket" of candy that you can "fill as much as you want"

Source: finishcarts

#15 That’ll be $5.......................99

Source: bananabread8

#16 These "nutella-filled donuts"

Source: shaw_zz

#17 This tater tot is clearly a scam that deserves less than one star on Yelp

Source: m3n00bz

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