These 25 Fanstatic Street Photographs Are So Surreal That Will 'Wow' You

Are you a fan of photography? Do you love capturing moments in your everyday life? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out these 25 fantastic street photographs that are so surreal, they’ll leave you in awe.
Taking photos of everyday life is an art that not everyone can master. But street photographers have a unique talent for capturing the beauty in the mundane, and the “Urban Street Photography” Facebook group is a testament to that. With over 440,000 members, the group is a hub of amazing photography that showcases the magic of people's daily lives.
So, take a few moments to browse these incredible images and see the world through the eyes of these talented photographers. You’ll be amazed at the beauty they’ve captured and the emotions they’ve evoked. These 25 photographs are sure to leave you saying "wow" and inspire you to pick up your camera and start capturing your own everyday moments.

#1A Flying Pigeon | Gateway Of India

Source: Massab Mna

From romantic scenes to chaotic traffic, from soaring birds to intriguing strangers, these photographs are truly captivating. Each image is a moment in time that will never be repeated, frozen forever in a single frame. And yet, they capture the essence of life in a way that makes us feel like we’re right there in the moment.


Source: Adam Lang

Founded in 2013, “Urban Street Photography” is a community of enthusiastic beginners and seasoned professionals from all around the globe who share a passion for street photography. The group is a treasure trove of amazing shots that will inspire you to explore the world around you in a whole new way.

#3Hi all! With coming!

Source: Сергей Санжаров

There’s something truly magical about candid photography. It’s unfiltered, unpolished, and totally authentic. And these photos from “Urban Street Photography” are the perfect example of just how powerful candid shots can be.


Source: Mike Bland

#5Essaouira, Morocco 2022

Source: Tavepong Pratoomwong

#6This Is How Angels Are Born

Source: Sorin Dobrescu


Source: Gabriel Wu

#8Lovers (Mantua, Italy)

Source: Tim Askerov

#9The Fishermen

Source: Jawad Shahid


Source: Irmalu Trejo

#11Self Portrait By Mobile

Source: عبدالله شيبوب

#12Hoi An, Vietnam

Source: Deryle Perryman


#14Snowy Night Walk

Source: Jimmy Hada

#15Two Stories

Source: Міхась Аракчэеў

#16. Pretzels

Source: Yaşar Koç

#17. Sunlight

Source: Александр Шаварев

#18. Aligned

Source: Luca Gennatiempo

#19. Paris - Behind Notre Dame

Source: Don Kedgley

#20. Saman Mamexelani

Source: Jumping a puddle, London March 2023

#21. Budapest, Liberty Brigde

Source: Marc In

#22. Opposites

Source: Mónica José

#23. Promenade Riverside Park, NYC

Source: Jim Jimmy Jam Cappelletti

#24. Loneliness

Source: আসিফ আহমেদ

#25. Barcelone

Source: Carole Hamelin

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