These 25 Cute And Tiny Objects Will Make Your Heart Melt

The internet loves small and adorable things, whether they are miniature versions of regular objects or just inherently tiny and cute things. That's why there's an online group where people share their latest finds of tiny objects that are too cute to keep to themselves. The "Things For Ants" subreddit was created in March 2013 and now has over 371K members.  This group has everything from small animals to bite-sized food and miniature household items.
The creativity and imagination that go into creating these tiny objects are also captivating. Many of the objects are made by hand, showing off the incredible skill and attention to detail of talented artists. If you need a dose of cuteness and whimsy in your day, check out these 25 adorable and tiny objects that you won't want to leave!
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#1. "Ants, kittens... same difference"

Cute And Tiny ObjectsSource: u/moosypooper

#2. "What Is This? A Sandwich Bag For Ants? ?"

Cute And Tiny ObjectsSource: u/Pie_thagorus

#3. "What Is This A Pepper For Ants?!?!"

Cute And Tiny ObjectsSource: u/MelvinDou

#4. "What Is This? A Dinosaur For Ants?"

Cute And Tiny ObjectsSource: u/Dubi0usD0rkl0rd

#5. "Oh Goodness, I Over Shopped! Who Else Goes To The Grocery Store And Impulse Buys?! I Knew I Should Have Eaten Breakfast Before Leaving The House!?"

Cute And Tiny ObjectsSource: u/MyMiniatureLife

#6. "What Is This? A Soda Can For Ants?"

Source: u/reinajaponesa

#7. "What Is This? A Toy For Ants?"

Cute And Tiny ObjectsSource: u/[deleted]

#8. "What Are These, Candy Canes For Ants?"

Source: u/Iamdickburns

#9. "I see your tiny origami crane, so here are my tiny origami dragons!"

Cute And Tiny ObjectsSource: u/AwesomeDragon101

#10. "What Is This? A Frog For Ants?"

Source: u/Atauysal


Source: kyanamariee

#12. "What The Heck Is This??? A Mini Treehouse For Ants?!"

Source: u/lancgo

#13. "What Is This? A Bakery For Ants?"

Cute And Tiny ObjectsSource: u/Sheazeit420

#14. "It's My Cake Day And I Wanna Celebrate With Rainbow Cake For Ants! ?"

Cute And Tiny ObjectsSource: u/WeAreClouds

#15. "My Sisters Boyfriend Knows She Likes Miniatures And Proposed To Her With A Tiny Ring (He Got Her A Real Ring, Of Course)"

Source: u/TruffleShuffleKing

#16. "What Is This, A Whale For Ants?"

Source: u/AlbertFischerIII

#17. "What Is This, A Bunny Rabbit For Ants?"

Source: u/tasos500

#18. "What Is This? A Theatre For Ants?"

Source: u/[deleted]

#19. "A Literal Ant Holding An Actual Ant Sized Spoon!!! (Not Oc, Someone Else’s Tweet But I Had To Share) Hot!"

Source: u/mjperezmurillo

#20. "My Bountiful Tomato Harvest"

Source: u/[deleted]

#21. "What Is This, A Hallway For Ants?"

Source: u/xopastelprincess

#22. "What Is This? Hamsters For Ants?"

Source: u/redfancydress

#23. "I went for a walk and ran into a little free art gallery with tiny people! It has a take a tiny painting or leave a tiny painting policy!"

Source: u/sielju

#24. "My Mom Texted Me This Picture Today And Said "This Is For That Miniature Blog You Like" ?"

Source: u/CanofVeggies

#25. "My Ant Is Constantly Loosing Her Glasses"

Source: u/Thehyperbalist

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