These 18 Cursed Images Will Make You Unable To Get What's Going On

Let's be honest: if there is always a logical explanation for everything, then this world will be incredibly dull. Unsolved problems and strange occurrences continue to pique our curiosity and drive us to learn more about the world. It can occasionally be as large as the enigmatic black hole, where everything enters and never leaves. However, other times it's just trivial, senseless nonsense that bothers your mind throughout the day.
You all are aware of the emotion you get when you see something that is so strange that there are no reasonable explanations. "I need to know the solution in order to sleep!" We detest the feeling of being stumped and asking for more information only to confuse our minds even more, much like individuals who enjoy watching scary Movies because they are terrified of ghosts. We wager that you are the same as well.
We're excited to share with you this compilation of 18 photographs that defy any sense of logic.

#1 This game is fun until someone breaks their ankle

Source: seven_critical_blows

As this is no optical illusion, we can be sure that you'll be likely to hurt yourself playing on this field. Not so sure why people make this in the first place, but it looks like it has no practical use at all. Can you figure out what is this for?

#2 For those who have a constant fear of running out of toilet paper in the middle of...

Source: Feathered_Brick

#3 Inventing games when your squad is bigger

Source: lefreitag

#4 Will someone accept that as change?

Source: Guava_

Okay, who sneaks that fried egg in there? If this is a prank then the mastermind behind this is absolutely evil. Who can work when they see and smell that egg inside the drawer?

#5 Japanese Black Melon-pan

Source: BaronVonBroccoli

#6 The perfect bench to die on

Source: mehrshadam_man

#7 She is cute, but she smells fishy

Source: KaiBunshidzho

Beauty is something hard to understand. Yes, it also smells bad sometimes. This young girl has a headband made of fish, fresh out of the water. Is this part of a ritual or something?

#8 When you get tired of waiting for the perfect woman

Source: seven_critical_blows

#9 The gun presumably is to put the patient out of its misery

Source: anonymousjohnson

#10 The creepy yoga forest

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

#11 That’s some peak ace attorney character design right there

Source: seven_critical_blows

This man must have seen something eye-opening that his glasses broke open like that.

#12 This looks disturbingly weird

Source: OtherwisePop6430

#13 A scene from a shared apartment kitchen

Source: x2py

#14 When you love your meals well seasoned

Source: x2py

#15 When you need to clean your phone with alcohol but don’t want to let it go to waste

Source: gloryovershadowed

#16 Just a reminder that Rice is good when it is cooked

Source: lisa1006

#17 Just a try

Source: guiltyscenario_91

#18 How hard do you have to stub your toe for this to happen?

Source: sBroz410

Seeing all these pics, now that it's safe to say that our world is far from an ordinary place. Absurd stuff is all out there waiting to be discovered. Even though it makes absolutely no sense in our logic, perhaps it does, in an alternate reality. If you find this post interesting, let us know by leaving a comment and giving us a thumbs up. We will bring you more of this in the future.
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