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  1. The Avengers
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. Conan the Barbarian
  4. Gladiator
  5. Jurassic Park
  6. Predator
  7. Rocky
  8. Star Wars
  9. Transformers
  10. Wall-E
  11. X-Men

These 11 AI Arts Reimagine Famous Action Movies Into 80’s Sitcoms, And The Result Is Hilarious

Modern comedy shows are fun and all, but millennials would dearly miss the classic sitcoms in the 1980s era that has been a part of their awesome childhood. These sitcoms of yesteryear hold a unique charm that transcends time, with all-time classics such as Happy Days or Family Ties. Whether it was the ridiculous costumes, the witty one-liners, or the endearing characters we felt like we knew personally, these shows became cherished parts of our lives.

Redditor u/MagicJourknees, who’s clearly a fan of this classic genre, has skillfully reimagined some of our beloved modern-time action movies such as The Avengers or Jurassic Park into 80s era sitcoms with the help of the Midjourney app. Surprisingly, the result caught all of us off guard, as it’s filled with hilarious costumes, comical expressions, and more.

Let’s take a look at these 11 iconic action movies as 80s sitcoms here in this article.


#1. The Avengers

Believe it or not, this is what the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man (or is he Thor?) would look like in an 80s TV show.


#2. Breaking Bad

Heisenberg is donning a much more colorful suit, and an equally vibrant expression.


#3. Conan the Barbarian

Not sure if it’s Conan or Rambo with the jacket.


#4. Gladiator

Get ready for some gruesome Colosseum combat, brutal chariot race, and hilarious facial expression with Gladiator!


#5. Jurassic Park

I think I downloaded the wrong Jurassic Park movie.


#6. Predator

Predator somehow looks like a more muscular version of Jar-Jar Binks, and Dillon rocking his new hairstyle.


#7. Rocky

Never knew Rocky Balboa can look this comical.


#8. Star Wars

When the Sith challenges you to a dance battle.


#9. Transformers

Bumblebee looks like a random cosplay Transformer suit you can get from Walmart.


#10. Wall-E

This is Wall-E after he stays on Earth for too long.


#11. X-Men

Wolverine looks hilarious enough, but it’s Magneto standing behind him that piques my interest.

Do you think these action shows would look good as TV sitcoms? Let us know in the comment

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