“There Was An Attempt”: 26 Times People Tried To Do Something But Failed

Not every attempt is successful on the first try. But every attempt should help prepare for the next. Things seldom go as expected. But you don't have to worry about failed attempts because failures will allow you to succeed.
Many people out there who tried to do something but failed so hard are sharing their failed attempts with people online. And the members of the r/ThereWasAnAttempt subreddit collected them all. Some of those attempts are pretty entertaining, so we decided to collect some of the funniest ones for you. Maybe after seeing these things, you will feel better about the last time you failed at something.
Now, take a minute to scroll down below to check out 25 failed attempts. Don't forget to vote for your favs. And share your funny failures with us in the comments. For more laughs, check out 27 Funny Times When Attempts Were Made But They Didn’t Turn Out As Expected.

#1. To spread anarchy

Source: kingmcash

#2. To lie about traffic

Source: Yeetoi6969

#3. To wrap a gift for Christmas

Source: midnighthunder0

#4. To rest comfortably

Source: thiccmlgnoscope

#5. To comfort a foster kitty by a deaf and partially blind pup

Source: tyw7

#6. To catch a live mouse

Source: meister2a

#7. To make grilled cheese in an air fryer

Source: martyjoh34

#8. To be a good kitten

Source: JiminyR

#9. To make Elon step down

Source: miguelcprotlm

#10. To be thankful to your workers

Source: TrackLabs

#11. To escape the vet

Source: PolarBlast

#12. To car safety

Source: darkjoseph17

#13. To make a poster

failed attemptsSource: vdk0987

#14. To live forever

failed attemptsSource: Few_Lobster6414

#15. To shoot like a sniper by a Chinese film hero

failed attemptsSource: theRealNihilist911

#16. To run from a flying predator

Source: mikeod002

#17. To drink the milk

failed attemptsSource: WhiteAmericanShooter

#18. To make a nice, wholesome, Jesus-themed light switch

failed attemptsSource: 4Plus20MakesHappy

#19. To promote the use of machinery

failed attemptsSource: BenReeves477

#20. To stop google eyes

failed attemptsSource: praaany

#21. To support the “Canada First” rally

Source: CowboyTrout

#22. To build a nest

failed attemptsSource: brody_lee

#23. To make you feel safe

failed attemptsSource: oldskool7231

#24. To be racist

failed attemptsSource: Undercovercop929

#25. To champion "Straight Pride"

failed attemptsSource: txhrow1

#26. To teach kids some math

Source: sco-go

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