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  1. Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. Was A Man Of Many Stories
  2. He Was Very Strict To His Son, Which Contributes To Shaping Theo's Personality

Explaining Theo Von & Dad’s Rocky Relationship: The Comedian Was Hurt By His Strict Father But He Forgave Him Eventually

According to the comedian Theo Von himself, Theo Von’s dad was never Father of the Year. Comedian Theo Von has openly discussed his complex relationship with his late father, Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr., multiple times, even years after his passing. Like many comedians, he draws from painful experiences for self-deprecating humor.
Although Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. sadly died decades ago, limited information sheds light on the reasons behind their strained relationship. The story about Theo Von's father's background can help unravel the dynamics of their rocky father-son bond.

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. Was A Man Of Many Stories

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. Was A Man Of Many Stories Source: Twitter

Theo Von's father, Roland von Kurnatowski Sr., was born in 1912, in Bluefields, Nicaragua. Later in life, Roland made the journey to the United States, eventually settling in Louisiana. Interestingly, he struck up a friendship with Harry Connick Sr., the father of the renowned actor and singer, Harry Connick Jr.

He departed at the age of 83 on August 18, 1996, in New Orleans, Louisiana. His final resting place is the serene Metairie Cemetery, where he found eternal peace. At the time of his passing, Theo Von was only 16 years old.

Von was really old when his son was born, at age 68. Theo Von usually rounds it up to 70 for his comedic purpose later on.

Comedian Theo Von digs into his father's complexity in an episode of his podcast, “This Past Weekend” remarking, "He grew up in a very poor family in Nicaragua. He worked hard all his life, but he never really got ahead. I think he was just frustrated and angry about the way his life turned out."

In a 2019 podcast chat with Bobby Lee, Von faced an interesting question about his father's looks. Given the significant 38-year age gap between his parents, the comedian didn't hesitate to affirm that his dad was indeed a handsome man. 

Before immigrating to the United States, Theo Von's father lived in Nicaragua and worked as a mahogany farmer. However, his occupation in the US remains uncertain. What is clear is that he had a different personality from his wife. While his wife appeared uptight, Kurnatowski knew how to enjoy life and had a good sense of humor, which left an impression on his son. While Theo wishes he had known his father better, he regrets not fully appreciating their relationship.

In his eighties, Theo Von's father had a girlfriend named Miss Maggie, who was roughly 20 years younger than him. She looked after him, 


He Was Very Strict To His Son, Which Contributes To Shaping Theo's Personality

He Was Very Strict To His Son, Which Contributes To Shaping Theo's Personality Source: Google Images

Theo has openly expressed the weight of his father's expectations and the toll it took on their relationship. Reflecting on this, he remarked, "I was always trying to please my dad, but I never felt like I was good enough."

Theo Von's dad had a temper. Recalling a poignant memory from his adolescence, Theo shared, "I remember one time, I was like 12 years old, and I was playing basketball with my friends. I missed a shot, and my dad just started yelling at me. He called me a loser and a bum. He said I was never going to amount to anything."

"My dad was always putting me down. He made me feel like I was never good enough. He made me feel like a failure," Theo expressed, encapsulating the profound impact of their strained relationship on his self-esteem and aspirations.

The comedian admitted that he used to feel embarrassed by his father, particularly because of the significant age gap. However, this embarrassment wasn't present when he was much younger because, back then, he adored his father. Despite the complexities of their relationship, Theo Von always held a deep love for his dad but couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness due to his father's age and the wrinkles that came with it.

However, Theo Von learned to accept and forgive his father for his past trauma. In May 2022, during one of his podcasts, Theo Von opened up about his journey with forgiveness, reflecting on how it had been a long and challenging road for him. He emphasized his strong belief in forgiveness, stating that he considered it the only viable solution.

"I believe that forgiveness is the only answer."

The comedian stressed the importance of letting go of the pain and hurt that he had held onto. He candidly shared that his relationship with his mother had been marred by anger, but he expressed his desire not to miss out on the opportunity to love her a second time.


The comedian has a close relationship with his siblings and is proud of his family, even his dad. Despite the challenges in their relationship, Theo has said that he loves his father and that he regrets not getting to know him better. In the same 2022 episode of his podcast, Theo said, "I'm starting to realize that my dad was a wise man and that I should have listened to him more."

"I've forgiven my dad for the way he treated me. I know he was just doing the best he could," Theo Von concluded.

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