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  1. Ana de Armas was raised in Cuba
  2. She always wanted to act
  3. Ana de Armas' first starring role was on television
  4. She was previously married to Marc Clotet
  5. Ana de Armas rocked pink hair in a 2014 movie
  6. She moved to America and learned English
  7. Blade Runner 2049 caught people's attention
  8. She was Golden Globe-nominated for Knives Out
  9. Ana de Armas transformed into a tabloid fixture
  10. The BenAna split of 2021
  11. Ana de Armas became a Bond girl
  12. Ana de Armas: beauty icon
  13. Inside her relationship with a tech guy
  14. Ana de Armas went Blonde

The Stunning Evolution Of Ana De Armas: The Next Marilyn Monroe For Blonde

Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas has risen to fame with roles in blockbusters like "Blade Runner 2049," "Knives Out," "No Time to Die," "The Gray Man," and the upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic "Blonde." Her journey from a challenging upbringing during Cuba's economic crisis in the 1990s, learning English from scratch for her Hollywood career, to dealing with privacy invasions and unauthorized sharing of intimate scenes from her movies has been remarkable.

Despite these hurdles, she remains dedicated to her acting career and has also collaborated with leading cosmetic and ethical diamond brands. With rumors of an Apple TV+ project on the horizon, de Armas' future in Hollywood looks promising. Let's explore her inspiring journey from crisis-hit Cuba to Hollywood stardom.


Ana de Armas was raised in Cuba

Source: Instagram

Ana Celia de Armas Caso, the acclaimed actor known for her roles in films like "The Gray Man" and "Blonde," was born in 1988 in Cuba, where she cherished her childhood spent in nature, at the beach, and playing with friends on the streets. She fondly remembers the freedom and simplicity of those days, despite the absence of computers, the internet, or cell phones.

According to her, this limitation made her Entertainment moments, like watching midday movies, all the more special. Even as a child, she was captivated by the magic of cinema, often reenacting her favorite scenes in front of the mirror, and it's clear that her upbringing played a role in shaping her love for the world of movies.


She always wanted to act

Source: Instagram

Ana de Armas discovered her passion for acting as a teenager, recognizing the connection between her childhood games and the art of acting at age 13. With her parents' support, she dedicated four years to studying at the National Theater School of Cuba. However, she knew that pursuing a career in show business while in Cuba would be challenging, prompting her to make the bold decision to leave her home country before turning 18.

Despite the uncertainty, her parents' support and the values of perseverance and determination they instilled in her remained strong influences on her journey. Ana emphasized that a deep love for the profession is essential to endure the challenges of the entertainment world.


Ana de Armas' first starring role was on television

Source: Youtube

At the age of 18, Ana de Armas left Cuba for Spain to pursue her dreams, though she initially felt homesick for her family and friends. Her career took a significant turn when she landed a role in the popular series "El Internado" (known as "The Boarding School" in English), which ran for six seasons and propelled her to stardom.

Despite the success, she expressed in 2014 that she wouldn't commit to another TV series due to the lengthy time required. De Armas was eager to focus on her film career, marking the beginning of her journey into the world of cinema.


She was previously married to Marc Clotet

In 2011, Ana de Armas and actor Marc Clotet married in a private ceremony in Spain. Reports later suggested they had disagreements, and by 2013, they had separated amicably, as confirmed by Clotet.

After their split, Clotet entered a relationship with actor Natalia Sánchez, with whom he has two children, while de Armas continued to build her career, ultimately starring in a James Bond film, "No Time to Die," released in the following decade.


Ana de Armas rocked pink hair in a 2014 movie

In 2014, Ana de Armas starred in the romantic comedy "For a Handful of Kisses" ("Por un Puñado de Besos" in Spanish), where she played the character Sol. The film centers around the budding romance between two HIV+ individuals, with her "El Internado" co-star Martiño Rivas portraying her love interest, Dani.

De Armas recommended Rivas to the director, and their existing rapport allowed them to forgo rehearsals. She noted that their bond made challenging scenes easier to navigate. In a creative touch, de Armas introduced the idea of Sol sporting pink hair in the film, symbolizing her character's desire for change and a vibrant life.


She moved to America and learned English

In 2015, Ana de Armas ventured into Hollywood with a role in Eli Roth's horror film "Knock Knock," alongside Lorenza Izzo and Keanu Reeves. To pursue her Hollywood career, she made a significant effort to learn English, attending full-time language classes for several months to improve her grammar and comprehension.

While she occasionally faced challenges during auditions, de Armas worked diligently with a dialect coach to ensure her language skills didn't overshadow her emotional performance. She also praised Keanu Reeves for his professionalism and humility on set, emphasizing how he made her job easier and left a lasting impression.


Blade Runner 2049 caught people's attention

In 2017, Ana de Armas secured a pivotal role in Denis Villeneuve's highly-anticipated "Blade Runner 2049," alongside Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, which catapulted her into the spotlight as a breakout star. She portrayed Joi, an artificial intelligence character with the ability to transform her appearance, from a regular-sized hologram to a colossal one with pink skin and blue hair, making a lasting impression.

The film's positive reception left de Armas overwhelmed with gratitude, as she excitedly shared her astonishment at seeing herself on billboards, emphasizing the surreal nature of her newfound success during a phone interview.


She was Golden Globe-nominated for Knives Out

In 2019, Ana de Armas made a significant mark in Rian Johnson's "Knives Out," where she portrayed Marta Cabrera, the housekeeper entangled in a wealthy family's web of secrets. Initially hesitant due to the character's description as a "pretty Latina caretaker," de Armas changed her mind after reading the screenplay and discovering Marta's depth.

Her performance garnered widespread acclaim, earning her a Golden Globe nomination for lead actress. Overjoyed, she celebrated with champagne and called her parents in Cuba to share the news, leaving them emotional and herself in awe of the unexpected turn her career had taken.


Ana de Armas transformed into a tabloid fixture

Source: Hulu

In early 2020, rumors swirled about Ana de Armas and co-star Ben Affleck's budding romance during the filming of "Deep Water." Their relationship was confirmed in March by an insider, and they made it Instagram official in April.

The couple's year was marked by intense tabloid attention, often photographed during COVID coffee runs, even inspiring a themed song as "BenAna." Their inconsistent mask-wearing was closely observed by fans and the media. Despite the challenges of 2020, de Armas appeared to spend the year in the glow of newfound love with Ben Affleck.


The BenAna split of 2021

Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck's relationship, which lasted just under a year, ended in January 2021 reportedly due to differences over having children. De Armas desired children while Affleck, a father of several with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, wasn't ready to commit. Although reconciliation was speculated, it didn't materialize, and even the cardboard cutout of de Armas met its end in the trash, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Following the breakup, de Armas distanced herself from the tabloid spotlight and left Los Angeles, citing the overwhelming public interest in her relationship with Affleck as a major factor. She described it as "horrible" and decided to make New York City her new home, marking another phase in her transformation.


Ana de Armas became a Bond girl

In the 2022 James Bond film "No Time to Die," Ana de Armas joined the iconic ranks of Bond girls, portraying Agent Paloma. Despite her limited on-screen time, de Armas played a relatable, flawed, and playful character, adding depth to her role.

While the action-packed film marked a departure from her previous roles, de Armas confessed to Elle that she was initially nervous about such a role potentially overshadowing her career. Nevertheless, she found herself prominently featured in movie posters, highlighting her ability to draw audiences through her presence, signaling a new phase in her career.


Ana de Armas: beauty icon

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Ana de Armas, amid her ascent to global stardom, embraced a new role as a beauty icon. In 2021, she became a Global Brand Ambassador for Estée Lauder, featuring in multiple campaigns for the renowned beauty conglomerate. Expressing her excitement about the collaboration, de Armas celebrated the opportunity with joy and pride.

Additionally, she partnered exclusively with Louis Vuitton for her promotional appearances in 2022, making a striking red carpet debut at the Venice Film Festival in a hand-pleated pink gown made of satin and mousseline, drawing admiration and awe from fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.


Inside her relationship with a tech guy

After her high-profile relationship with Ben Affleck ended, Ana de Armas found love again with Paul Boukadakis, an executive at the dating app Tinder. Their romance, first reported by Page Six in June 2021, became more public when photos of the couple kissing in public surfaced six months later.

Unlike her previous relationship, Boukadakis has accompanied de Armas to film premieres and industry events, including the Venice Film Festival premiere of "Blonde" in September 2022. De Armas expressed her happiness with Boukadakis, citing her 34th birthday, spent on set with him and her dogs, as one of her happiest moments, relishing the joy of being surrounded by her loved ones.


Ana de Armas went Blonde

Source: 2022 © Netflix

In 2022, Ana de Armas assumed the iconic role of Marilyn Monroe in Netflix's "Blonde," inspired by Joyce Carol Oates' novel about the legendary blonde bombshell's career. Despite not being initially familiar with Monroe's work, de Armas embraced the challenge with pride, focusing on capturing the emotions, insecurities, and the voiceless aspect of the character rather than mere imitation.

During the film's promotion, de Armas garnered attention for an unconventional preparation method, where the entire crew wrote a message to Monroe and placed it on her grave as a gesture seeking permission and responsibility for the portrayal. 

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