The Shocking Real Look Of The Blockbuster Characters "Avatar 2"

Finally, the 13-year wait is ended. "Avatar: The Way of Water" by James Cameron is officially in cinemas. And with it comes a question that spectators will almost certainly be asking themselves once the credits roll: What does the cast "Avatar 2" look like in real life? Back after more than a decade, the Avatar brand has had a certain change when possessing several Na'vi characters that are more dominant than humans. In addition to Jake Sully and Neytiri, Avatar: The Way of Water has introduced to the audience many interesting new names, especially the children of both.

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#1. Sam Worthington As Jake Sully.

Sam Worthington reprises his role as Jake Sully, who now lives permanently as a Na'vi after his mind was transferred from his human body to his Na'vi avatar at the end of the first film. Jake is the Omaticaya people's leader in the Pandora jungle tribe. “We started work on it in, I think, 2015 was when I first saw things of it and 2017 was when we first started. It’s been a gradual continued process, like a big journey,” Sam Worthington told Variety about making the “Avatar” sequel. “It’s a labor of love rather than making a movie. That’s what it feels like.”

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#2. Zoe Saldaña As Neytiri.

Zoe Saldaña reprises her role of Neytiri, Jake Sully’s wife and one of the best warriors among the Omaticaya people. The actor managed to hold her breath underwater for five minutes while filming diving scenes. Saldaña told Variety that getting the chance to work with James Cameron is a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration.

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“I got to work with my idol at a very early stage of my career,” she said. “If it wasn’t for Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley, these iconic characters of the ’80s, where would I be? There are so many themes that will resonate with people, starting with the power of family… Family is not just the one that you’re born into, but it’s also the one that you choose or chooses you.”

#3. Stephen Lang As Colonel Miles Quaritch.

Colonel Miles Quaritch, who died at the end of the first "Avatar" film, is played by Stephen Lang again. How is Quaritch doing? It's a simple surprise in "The Way Water," but it's best discovered in cinemas. This time, though, Lang appears as a Na'vi avatar rather than a person. "The water work was demanding and difficult".

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"But we were truly guided by a superb team of specialists who were with us every step of the way, making sure that we were as safe as one can be while one is having a knife fight 25 feet below the surface. I liked pretty much every bit of it, even when it was difficult and stressful, even when I felt like everything was going to hell, you know, I can't think of any place I'd rather be than there."

#4. Sigourney Weaver As Kiri.

Sigourney Weaver is featured in "Avatar" as scientist Grace Augustine, but she returns in "The Way of Water" as Kiri, Jake, and Neytiri's adopted adolescent daughter. Weaver told that it wasn't difficult to put herself in the shoes of an adolescent girl. "I think we all recall what we were experiencing as teenagers," Weaver added. "I most emphatically do. When I was 11, I was 5' 10" or 5' 11". I had a strong feeling Kiri would be awkward a lot of the time. She's trying to figure out who she is. Jim's assignment of that challenge excited me."

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"It's a major acting challenge," said James Cameron, who previously directed Weaver in "Aliens." "We're going to have a 60-something actress play a character who is [decades younger than] her biological age. Sig felt it was a lot of fun... She simply grew older, appeared younger, had more vitality, and she never left Kiri throughout our captivity. She had a smile on her face, a spring in her stride, and a joyful personality."

#5. Kate Winslet As Ronal.

Kate Winslet joins the "Avatar" franchise as Ronal, a free diver of the Metkayina water tribe and the wife of the tribe's chief Tonowari. Ronal is pregnant, yet she continues to fight to safeguard her motherland. "She is powerful. "A fighter," Winslet described her persona "Even in the face of great peril, and with an unborn child on board, she joins her people and fights for what she values most: her family and their home."

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While filming the film, Winslet established a record by holding her breath for seven minutes and fifteen seconds. "I have a video of myself appearing and saying, 'Am I dead, have I died?'" And then you're like, 'What was [my time]?'" Winslet stated before the film's release. "I immediately wanted to know what time it was. 'We need to the radio set,' I remark the next thing. I wanted Jim to know as soon as possible."

#6. Cliff Curtis As Tonowari.

Cliff Curtis As TonowariSource: Daily Express

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