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  1. #1. Robinson's Testimony: A Glimpse of De Niro's Temperament
  2. #2. Tiffany Chen's Clashes With Robinson: A Love Triangle In Focus
  3. #3. The Demands Of De Niro's Assistant: The "Bat Phone" And Availability
  4. #4. Expanding On The Testimonies:

Behind The De Niro Trial: Shocking Revelations From His Ex-Assistant And Girlfriend

The ongoing trial involving legendary actor Robert De Niro has taken a sensational turn as his former chief personal assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, and girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, recently took the witness stand. This legal battle has gripped the public's attention, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of Hollywood and De Niro's personal life. Robinson's explosive testimony, citing a recent outburst by De Niro in court, has shed light on her gender discrimination and retaliation claims, seeking $12 million in damages. In return, De Niro countersued her for breach of loyalty and fiduciary duty, demanding $6 million and accusing her of misappropriating air miles.
Let's dive into the courtroom drama, with three key insights from the trial: Robinson's perspective on De Niro's anger, Tiffany Chen's fiery clashes with Robinson, and the demanding nature of De Niro's working relationship with his assistant.

#1. Robinson's Testimony: A Glimpse of De Niro's Temperament

The Robert De Niro Trial Source: Getty Images

Graham Chase Robinson's testimony provides an eye-opening look into her decade-long tenure as Robert De Niro's right-hand woman. In particular, her account of De Niro's courtroom outburst, where he admonished her, has underscored her claims of discriminatory treatment. The actor's emotional reaction, swiftly followed by an apology, has raised questions about his demeanor and treatment of his staff.

Robinson's legal battle and her insights into her time as De Niro's personal assistant have ignited a debate on workplace dynamics and the Entertainment industry's underbelly. She sued the two-time Oscar winner for gender discrimination and retaliation, seeking $12 million in damages. "Shame on you, Chase Robinson," De Niro quickly responded as he scolded Robinson on Tuesday.


#2. Tiffany Chen's Clashes With Robinson: A Love Triangle In Focus

Tiffany Chen's Clashes With Robinson: A Love Triangle in Focus Source: AFP via Getty Images
Adding a layer of intrigue to the trial is the involvement of Tiffany Chen, De Niro's girlfriend, who had her fair share of conflicts with Robinson. Chen's emails to De Niro, shown as evidence, suggested she believed Robinson had unwarranted romantic aspirations towards the actor.
These allegations have added a love triangle twist to the trial, prompting discussions on workplace relationships and professional boundaries.

#3. The Demands Of De Niro's Assistant: The "Bat Phone" And Availability

The Demands Of De Niro's Assistant: The "Bat Phone" And Availability Source: Getty Images

Robinson's testimony also unveiled the extraordinary demands placed on her as De Niro's personal assistant. She revealed that she was expected to answer the "bat phone" at any hour, with De Niro making multiple calls throughout the day, starting as early as 5:30 a.m. and extending as late as 10:30 p.m.

Robinson's account of always carrying her phone and attending to De Niro's needs, even during personal emergencies. Robinson stated that one evening after she had taken a friend's daughter out for her 21st birthday, De Niro called and requested her to bring him a martini from the restaurant. He was "in his pajamas and slippers," she claimed, and she had met him downstairs to offer him the drink. Later that evening, at one in the morning, he called her again.


#4. Expanding On The Testimonies:

Expanding On The Testimonies: Source: David Dee Delgado/Getty Images
Robinson's testimony paints a vivid picture of the inner workings of Robert De Niro's world, offering insights that go beyond her recent courtroom experience. Her journey from executive assistant to vice president of production and finance, with a significant salary increase over the years, sheds light on the dynamics of working for a Hollywood icon.
While De Niro testified that her job duties didn't change with the title, the complexities of her role and her claims of discrimination have become central to the trial.
De Niro Source: Getty Images
Tiffany Chen's role in this legal battle adds another layer of complexity. Her emails to De Niro, where she accused Robinson of having "imaginary intimacy" with him and referred to her as a "mean, insecure, territorial girl," have led to a deeper exploration of the personal relationships that can develop within the entertainment industry. It raises questions about boundaries and perceptions in a high-profile, high-stress environment.
Robinson's detailed accounts of the demands placed on her as De Niro's assistant have shed light on the challenges and expectations that come with such a role. Her assertion that De Niro would call her even during personal emergencies and that she always carried her phone, even to the restroom, underscores the intensity of the job.
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