The Office: Threat Level Midnight Let's You Live Vicariously Through Michael Scarn

The Office may be a mockumentary about a typical workplace, but with a boss like the loud, eccentric Michael Scott (Steve Carell), things at Dunder Mifflin are never dull, as demonstrated in season 7, episode 17 "Threat Level Midnight." Michael Scott, the manager of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch, is always looking for new methods to impress people. Unfortunately, his never-ending search for approval rarely goes as planned. However, he becomes inventive and attempts to realize his lofty ambitions. His imagination appears to know no limits, which is an undeniable asset to the sitcom.

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His focus can indeed wander, but there are plenty of times Michael was a good supervisor, and in return, his employees have supported him on many occasions. Dwight (Rainn Wilson) assisted him with an orientation film in which the two rapped an original song. In season 4, episode 9 "Local Ad," Jim (John Krasinski) persuaded his coworkers to watch Michael's local commercial, which his bosses declined in favor of a more standard ad. "Threat Level Midnight" was another heartwarming example of Dunder Mifflin's encouraging environment, and it also served as a gag throughout the program.

#1. Watch Threat Level Midnight In Full On The Office's YouTube.

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Threat Level Midnight was a fun element of The Office, and fans can watch the complete movie on the show's YouTube channel. Much of the script had to be cut to fit it into the timeframe of one show, but the creators chose to finish it and release it to the public. While seeing one of Michael's alter egos in film form was amusing, it was also touching to know that his workers thought enough of him to participate in his creation.

#2. Threat Level Midnight's Best Easter Eggs.

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Michael wrote and produced the film Threat Level Midnight. It was first revealed in season 2 when Pam (Jenna Fischer) happened to discover Michael's screenplay and she and Jim got the staff to read through it. In season 7, Michael gave a workplace screening of his film, Threat Level Midnight, which was a lot of joy to watch because it was full of pop culture Easter eggs. Michael's intriguing creation took a total of ten years to write, film, re-shoot, and edit, indicating his admirable belief in never giving up.

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Michael's film featured all of the major characters. Goldenface, Jim's character, was a clear nod to the James Bond villain GoldenEye, and the inspiration from other sources didn't end there. Michael Scarn learned to play hockey by mopping the ice, alluding to Mr. Miyagi's methods in The Karate Kid, and the Easter eggs didn't stop there. Although they teased Michael at times, his team of employees once again stepped up to assist him with his passion.

#3. David Wallace Was Meant To Be Goldenface.

David isn't the most well-known character in The Office, but he plays an important part because he eventually purchased Dunder Mifflin. And, interestingly, David Wallace was initially cast as Goldenface rather than Jim. However, BJ Novak (Ryan Howard) revealed that Michael wanted David to portray the villain in the episode's shooting script, but David refused because it would appear unprofessional to people at corporate (via OfficeTally). Later, in a talking head, David would describe how he regretted not participating because life is too short to worry about what others think.

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It would have been a moving scene, as The Office understands when to have an emotional and profound scene. Novak went on to clarify that cutting David's talking head was simply a matter of time. Sadly, it is not included in the full Threat Level Midnight film. The Office had many deleted sequences that revealed extra information, such as Michael's employment after Dunder Mifflin, but watching David's talking head would have been an engrossing subplot.

#4. B.J. Novak Stated Amy Adams Was Invited To Return As Katy.

Amy Adams played Katy from the conclusion of Season 1 to the beginning of Season 2. She and Jim dated for a while before Jim's emotions for Pam took over and he ended his relationship with Katy. Novak admitted that she was a character he wanted to resurrect for the film (via OfficeTally). The plan was to have her in bed with Michael Scarn when Dwight brought a presidential mission to his notice. In typical Michael fashion, he would explain what love feels like to Katy's character and then depart unsatisfied with their meaningless lovemaking.

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Katy's talking head would provide more insight into her interest in acting at the time, before concluding with a report on what she was doing. Adams' appearance in The Office was ideal for the Pam and Jim relationship, emphasizing both characters' emotions for one another. It would have been an interesting decision to bring Katy back. Not only would she have been a blast from the past, but she might have caused Jim and Pam some discomfort. Unfortunately, Adams was not available to shoot during The Office's shooting schedule, so the project never materialized.
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