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  1. The Marvel’s new villain is another Kree dictator.
  2. The swap between the characters is Dar-Benn’s doing.
  3. Carol also gains a new badass nickname.
  4. The trailer includes a scene with Carol and her potential love interest.
  5. You can watch the full trailer here.

The Marvel’s New Trailer Breakdown: Who’s Carol Danvers’ New Arch-Nemesis?

The last three weeks have been a busy one for Marvel fans. After some exciting news regarding Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine’s new comic-accurate outfit and the return of Jennifer Garner as Elektra in Deadpool 3, we got some latest updates this week about the upcoming MCU entry, The Marvels. From the behind the scenes footage that shows the three protagonists’ official costumes and cast, recently, a brand-new official trailer for the movie is released by the studio, which gives us an even closer look into the plot, the villain, and of course, Captain Marvel’s new nickname.

The full trailer for the Captain Marvel sequel was released during Comic Con 2023 weekend, which includes numerous intriguing new details about the adventure of Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan, Monica Rambeau, and Nick Fury to fight against a new threat. Let’s learn more about the trailer below, and what it has in store to keep us on your feet for the upcoming MCU title.


#1. The Marvel’s new villain is another Kree dictator.

It seems that Carol Danvers’ complicated affair with the Kree is not over, as in the new trailer, she’s being pursued by yet another one, who goes by the name Dar-Benn. Much like Ronan the Accuser, Dar-Benn is an elite Kree General who wields exceptional powers and has an army of her own. The villainess possesses the same hammer as Ronan and a mysterious bracelet, which gives her immense cosmic energy output, and looks quite similar to Ms. Marvel’s Quantum bangle. These new items allow her to be at least on the same level as Danvers.

Like the Ancient One and Mar-Vell, Dar-Benn is another MCU character who has their gender swapped from the comics. She’s portrayed by Zawe Ashton in the movie.


#2. The swap between the characters is Dar-Benn’s doing.

At the end of the Ms. Marvel TV series, Carol and Kamala got their place swapped after the former use her ability. The Marvels follows this event, now with Monica Rambeau, who gained her power back in WandaVision, experiencing the same phenomenon. According to Rambeau, the cause of this peculiar occurrence is because of Dar-Benn’s doing, which binds the three’s powers together and makes them swap places whenever they use light-based abilities.

In the trailer, the three are shown to struggle with this at first, with Carol, Kamala, and Monica constantly swapping places with each other, but in the end, they eventually adapt to it, and will probably use it against Dar-Benn. One of the final sequences of the trailer shows the trio attacking the villain at once, implying they have united as one.


#3. Carol also gains a new badass nickname.

Carol is called by many names in the comics, from Captain Marvel, Cheeseburger, Warbird to Captain Whiz Bang, and she gains yet another one in The Marvels. The funny thing is, this new nickname isn’t given to her by Kamala, Monica or any of her allies, but by the new villain, Dar-Benn. 

In the middle of the trailer, she calls Carol “the Annihilator”, which might be a reference to how Captain Marvel’s single-handedly destroyed Ronan’s fleet in the first movie. It’s a cool nickname though, so we hope Carol might keep the new moniker after the battle.


#4. The trailer includes a scene with Carol and her potential love interest.

In the first teaser trailer, we get to see the fan-favorite Park Seo-Joon as a mysterious alien hunk, who’s revealed to be the ally of Captain Marvel in the upcoming movie. According to Funko Pop, this character is Prince Yan, part of Aladna’s royalty, who’s also Carol’s love interest in Marvel comics. 

The trailer seems to follow this pattern, as Captain Marvel’s seen sharing a romantic dance with the said prince, which hints at a more intimate relationship between the two in the movie.


#5. You can watch the full trailer here.

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