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  1. Is The Grinch 2 Coming Out?
  2. Is Jim Carrey Returning for The Grinch 2?

Will The Grinch 2 With Jim Carrey Ever Release?

Christmas is still nearly 2 months away, but I already have a Christmas present for you all, and by "present," I mean a reality check. If you've caught wind of the rumors regarding the long-awaited sequel to "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and Jim Carrey's reprisal as the grouchy titular character, then it's time for me to help you sort fact from fiction.


Is The Grinch 2 Coming Out?

Is 'The Grinch 2' Coming Out? Source: IMDb

As of now, there are no official plans for The Grinch 2. No statements have been made by the likes of Ron Howard, Jim Carrey, or Universal Pictures, signaling a sequel in the works. Dr. Seuss' original book doesn't offer a direct sequel storyline, making any continuation a bit of a tricky feat that would require the nod from the Dr. Seuss estate.

There have been some intriguing rumors and fake posters flooding your Facebook feed, just in time for the festive season, but the reality is that no official green light has been given for The Grinch 2. Even when Universal Pictures and Illumination brought the Grinch to life in a computer-animated remake in 2018, the idea of a direct sequel seemed as elusive as the Grinch's affection for holiday cheer.


Is Jim Carrey Returning for The Grinch 2?

Is Jim Carrey Returning for The Grinch 2? Source: Hollywoodlife

The rumors about The Grinch 2 and Jim Carrey's return just keep getting sketchier when you take into account the fact that the veteran actor has already announced his retirement from acting after Sonic 2. During the same press run, in an interview with, the actor also made it clear that there weren't any characters he'd like to reprise in the future.

"I don't have any in mind that I would like to. Most of the time when you make something that really hits with people, the sequels have a diminishing return. If you do it long enough after the fact, you're kind of imitating yourself now; you're not using your original inspiration. These [Sonic] Movies were made close together, and they were like an evolution that was being planned in my own head, at least, from the get-go."- Said Jim Carrey, when asked if there were any other characters he would enjoy reprising.

What we can take away from this statement is that, even on the off-chance that The Grinch 2 somehow gets greenlit for production, Jim Carrey will not be a part of it in all likelihood. We can't blame him either; he is way past the age when his body could go through the borderline torturous process of Grinchi-fying himself. The man had to go through a torture endurance training course from the FBI just to be able to survive in his makeup!

So, my fellow movie buffs, it seems like the Grinch might be hanging up his Santa hat for good. While the thought of a sequel might tickle our festive fancies, let's bask in the merry glow of the original tale for now. And remember, whether there's a sequel or not, the spirit of the Grinch will forever be etched in our holiday memories.

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