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"The Gilded Age" Season 2 Episode 8 Preview: "In Terms of Winning and Losing"

In the exciting setting of "The Gilded Age," the second-last episode of Season 2, "Wonders Never Cease," set the stage for an enthralling next chapter. As we stand just before episode 8, "In Terms of Winning and Losing," the complex story of plots gets more intense, hinting at unexpected changes and character evolutions.

Previous Episode Recap

Previous Episode Recap Source: HBO/ HBO Max
Episode 7 was lots of ups and downs against the backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge's big debut. Bertha Russell struggled with a surprise proposal from Mrs. Astor, considering the reputation of the Academy against the potential of the Met. 
George Russell's smart plans in the labor dispute hinted at a deeper divide, using a short-term raise to cause trouble. Meanwhile, Oscar van Rhijn faced a shocking discovery, realizing his significant investment was nothing but a big scam, putting the Van Rhijn fortune at risk.

"The Gilded Age" Season 2 Episode 8 Preview

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The stakes in "In Terms of Winning and Losing" couldn't be higher. The complex situation of climbing the social ladder and keep fighting continues, with Bertha potentially using her position at the Met to beat her competitors, even as Mrs. Astor plans her next step. George's labor tactics may reach a peak, possibly leading to surprising helpers or conflicts.
Oscar's desperate situation could lead to extreme steps. His want to retrieve the lost fortune might take him down dark alleys of deceit and manipulation, testing his right and wrong.
The fallout from his money mess could also show more problems within the Van Rhijn family, with Agnes possibly stepping in to save their reputation. The death of Luke Forte in episode 7 leaves a void, particularly affecting Ada and Agnes. This tragedy could lead to changing relationships within the family, with potential love interests or conflicts emerging.

What To Expect in "In Terms of Winning and Losing"?

  • The Labor Dispute: George's strategy with the labor dispute might backfire, possibly leading to a bigger conflict or personal problems, testing his and Bertha's resilience.
  • New Alliances: The fallout from Luke's death could lead to new partnerships within the Van Rhijn household. Watch for new partnerships or rivalries, especially involving Ada and Agnes.
  • Bertha: Will Bertha's choice to stay with the Met over the Academy lead to a big change in the social hierarchy of New York's elite? Her ambition might either push her to the top or cause unexpected problems.
  • Oscar's Redemption: Could Oscar's money mess be a turning point for his character? There's potential for a comeback story, possibly involving surprising helpers or new ventures.

Release Date & Where to Watch

"The Gilded Age" Season 2 Episode 8 airs on Sunday, December 17, 2023. The episode will be available at 6:00 PM PT/9:00 PM ET on HBO and HBO Max
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