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  2. What Happened In The Previous Episode?
  3. The Curse Episode 8: Down And Dirty Preview
  4. Things To Consider In "Down And Dirty"

Preview Of The Curse Episode 8: Release Date, Episode 7 Recap & What To Expect

As the whirlwind of events and emotions from "The Curse" Episode 7, titled "Self-Exclusion," settles, anticipation builds for what's next. The episode left us on a cliffhanger, blending the complexities of personal struggles with an intricate plot that keeps the audience guessing. Now, we turn our gaze to Episode 8, where the story's trajectory hints at even more twists and profound character explorations.

The Curse Episode 8 Release Date


Fans can dive into the next chapter of The Curse series on December 29. This upcoming episode continues to unravel the intricate web of stories, exploring deeper into the lives of its complex characters, and promises to bring more intriguing twists and turns​​.

The official release time for The Curse Episode 8 has not been confirmed, but the new episodes are released every Friday at midnight ET or Thursday at 9 PM PT, so the The Curse Episode 8's release time is likely to be:

Some Other Time Zones:

  • Central Time (CT): Every Thursday at 11 PM CT.
  • Mountain Time (MT): Every Thursday at 10 PM MT.
  • Alaska Time (AKT): Every Thursday at 8 PM AKT.
  • Hawaii-Aleutian Time (HAT): Every Thursday at 7 PM HAT.

Additional Global Time Zones:

  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): Every Friday at 5 AM GMT.
  • Central European Time (CET): Every Friday at 6 AM CET.
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): Every Friday at 10:30 AM IST.
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST): Every Friday at 3 PM AEST.

Where To Watch:

The Curse Episode 8 is available on demand through:

  • SHOWTIME app
  • Hulu
  • Justwatch

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

Episode 7 of "The Curse" was a tapestry of emotional highs and lows, exploring the intricate lives of its characters. Whitney's marital woes with Asher took center stage, revealing the cracks in their relationship. Asher's comedy class escapade turned into a humiliating ordeal, shedding light on his insecurities.
The subplot involving Nala, a possible witch, added a layer of mystique, especially with her attempt to curse her bully, Josie. The episode masterfully wove these storylines, painting a picture of characters grappling with their realities, delusions, and the impact of their actions on those around them.

The Curse Episode 8: Down And Dirty Preview

The Curse Episode 8: Down And Dirty Preview Source: Google Images
In Episode 8, the narrative is poised to delve deeper into the strained dynamics between Whitney and Asher. Whitney's growing disillusionment and Asher's desperation to salvage their marriage could reach a boiling point. Given Asher's secret recording of their conversations, there's potential for a dramatic revelation that could either bridge their rift or widen it further.
Nala's story arc is equally compelling. Her belief in her supernatural abilities, especially after Josie's accident, could evolve into a more pronounced plot element. Perhaps Nala's 'powers' will become more evident, or she might grapple with the moral implications of her supposed abilities.
The undercurrent of personal growth and realizations will likely continue to shape the narrative. Each character's journey of self-discovery, laden with their flaws and strengths, could lead to unexpected confrontations and realizations.

Things To Consider In "Down And Dirty"

Things To Consider In The Upcoming Episode Source: Google Images
  • Whitney's Decision: Will Whitney confront Asher about the recordings? This could be a pivotal moment in their relationship, possibly leading to Whitney's emancipation from the marriage.
  • Asher's Redemption: Asher's character may reach a turning point, possibly leading to a bold move to either win back Whitney or start anew.
  • Nala's Influence: How will Nala's belief in her powers shape her actions? Her role could become more central, possibly affecting other characters' storylines.
  • Unseen Connections: Could there be a twist linking Nala's 'curse' to the main plot? An unexpected connection might emerge, adding depth to the story.
  • Cara's Role: Cara's evolving relationship with Whitney and her involvement in "Fliplanthropy" could introduce new conflicts or alliances.
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