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"The Curse" (2023) Episode 6 Preview: "The Fire Burns On"

The previous episode of "The Curse," titled "It's A Good Day," laid the groundwork for an intriguing sixth episode, "The Fire Burns On." This show, known for its detailed showing of characters and unexpected plot twists, promises to deliver yet another interesting part.
The previous episode set things up for potential developments, leaving viewers with questions and theories about the direction the show will take next.

What Happened in the Previous Episode?

What Happened in the Previous Episode? Source: SHOWTIME
In episode 5, "It's A Good Day," were at a crucial juncture. They faced challenges with potential customers Lucinda and Dennis for their passive home, primarily due to Whitney's insistence on signing an informal agreement supporting the Pueblo tribe.
The episode showed Whitney's complicated character, often swinging back and forth between being really worried and appearing too dreamy.
Tensions arose around the character of Mark Rose (Dean Cain), who Whitney initially rejects due to his pro-police flag, only to reconsider after learning of his many sides and genuine interest in the passive home concept. This development left Whitney doubting her decisions and the realness of her goal.

The Curse Episode 6 Preview

The Curse Episode 6 Preview Source: SHOWTIME
As "The Fire Burns On" unfolds, we can expect the narrative to delve deeper into Whitney's internal conflict. Her struggle with her dreams versus the tough truths of business and personal biases could become the main focus.
The introduction of Mark as a potential customer, despite Whitney's reservations, suggests a shift in the dynamics between her and Asher, possibly leading to further conflicts or realizations.
Additionally, the episode might explore the aftermath of Whitney's confrontation with her parents, revealing more about her motivations and the financial underpinnings of her project. This could make it more complex, challenging her self-view as a kind-hearted person in EspaƱola.
Furthermore, Dougie's role as the director, collecting possibly damaging or debatable videos, might come into play. His off-camera recordings could potentially expose hidden facets of Whitney and Asher's lives, adding a twist to the show's narrative.

5 Things to Consider in "The Fire Burns On"

  • Whitney's Dilemma: How will Whitney balance her dreams with the practical aspects of selling homes? Her encounter with Mark Rose might be a key point, making her reassess her approach to checking out customers.
  • Asher's Perspective: Asher's concern about selling the house for profit versus Whitney's too dreamy approach might lead to a key point in their relationship, possibly affecting the future of Fliplanthropy.
  • Dougie's Hidden Agenda: Dougie's collection of off-camera footage could reveal unexpected truths or scandals, potentially risking the program and the Siegels' image.
  • Community Response: How will the EspaƱola community react to the unfolding events, especially with Whitney's increasing control over the neighborhood and her debatable decisions?
  • Parental Influence: The role of Whitney's parents in financing her project could be explored further, shedding light on her privilege and possible hidden agendas.

Release Date & Where to Watch

"The Curse" Episode 6, "The Fire Burns On," will be released on December 15, 2023, at 12:00 A.M. (PST) on SHOWTIME, with further details available on their official website.
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