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The Couple Next Door Episode 5 Preview: Release Date & Things To Consider

"The Couple Next Door" ramps up its tense story in Episode 5, following the previous episode’s revelations and messy problems. Episode 4 left viewers dealing with the aftermath of a weekend getaway that spiralled into a lot of secrets, backstabbing, and crazy turns involving two couples: Pete, Evie, Danny and Becka.

What Happened in the Previous Episode?

The Couple Next Door Episode 5 Preview: Release Date & Things To Consider Source: Channel 4/ Starz
In Episode 4, the aftermath of the spa trip brought shocking finds. Becka confronted the mystery of Danny's secret family, while Pete and Sophie edged closer to blaming Danny for Robbie Spencer's shady business. 
Evie's pregnancy remained a secret from Pete, further complicating their rocky relationship. Danny, handling threats to his family and his criminal problems, found himself in a tricky spot. 
The episode concluded with Pete learning about Evie's pregnancy through Rachel, adding another layer of drama to the unfolding story.

‘The Couple Next Door’ Episode 5 Preview

‘The Couple Next Door’ Episode 5 Preview Source: Channel 4/ Starz
Episode 5 promises to delve deeper into the complicated lives of these neighbours. The revelation of Evie's pregnancy could drastically shift her relationship dynamics, especially with Pete still in the dark.
Danny's criminal connections and Becka's discovery of his other son add layers of complication to their family story. Expect more drama as Pete and Sophie dig around into Robbie Spencer's activities, which puts them in potential danger. 
Danny's balancing act between his criminal life and personal life might reach the edge, particularly as Becka grapples with the financial strain and emotional mess of their situation

5 Things to Consider

  • Evie's Pregnancy Impact: How will Pete react upon discovering Evie's pregnancy, and what implications will this have for their already rocky relationship?
  • Danny's Dual Life: Danny's struggle to maintain his two-faced life might come to a head in a big choice, possibly choosing between his criminal activities and his family.
  • Sophie and Pete's Investigation: Their snooping into Robbie Spencer's business could expose them to danger, potentially leading to a big showdown.
  • Becka's Discovery: Becka's newfound knowledge about Danny's other son and their financial situation may lead to a major change in their relationship.
  • Jean and Alan's Dynamic: Jean's new upper hand over Alan, coupled with his health issues, might change into a complicated side story involving power games.

Release Date & Where to Watch

The next episode of "The Couple Next Door" is set to air on Monday, December 11, 2023. The series is available on the Channel 4 website and on Starz in the US.
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