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What Is Justin Chien In The Brothers Sun's Age? Meet The Actor Behind Character 'Charles'

Justin Chien is an actor and producer, known for Two Sides: Unfaithful (2021), The Order (2021) and Pool Boy (2021), and the latest dark comedy - The Brothers Sun.


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What Is Justin Chien's Age? About His Character In The Brother Suns:

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Born in 1998 (25 years old), in Beijing, China, Justin Chien is a talented and young actor, producer, and writer based in the United States.

In "The Brothers Sun," Justin Chien stars as Charles, a young mobster who returns to Los Angeles to protect his mother (mama Sun Eileen, played by Michelle Yeoh) and younger brother (Bruce, portrayed by Song Li) after his father is killed by an unknown assassin, stirring up dark memories from the past for Eileen.


All About Justin Chien's Personal Info:

At the age of 25 in 2023, Justin Chien has been actively shaping the film industry since 2015 when he debuted with the short film 'Minolta.' In 2016, Justin secured a lead role in the critically acclaimed short movie 'Consent or (the Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation),' propelling him toward significant opportunities. Justin has also graced television screens in series such as Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase (2021) and Two Sides: Unfaithful (2021).
In addition to his role in The Brothers Sun, Justin has been involved in several projects like Sun Moon (2022) and Summer Soundtrack (2020). Beyond acting, his talents extend to producing and writing, notably with the award-winning short film 'Continuum' in 2018. This accomplishment earned him a nomination for the Golden Angel Award for Best Short Film at the Chinese American Film Festival.
For those curious about Justin's journey, catch a glimpse of his world on Instagram under the username @justin_chien.
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