'The Babysitter 3' Is Coming To Netflix: Franchise Director Confirms Pre-Production

In a recent exclusive interview with, renowned director and producer McG dropped exciting hints about the highly anticipated third installment of the horror franchise, "The Babysitter." The first two movies, which streamed successfully on Netflix, catapulted lead actors Samara Weaving and Jenna Ortega to stardom.
'The Babysitter 3' is under development and coming to Netflix Source: Netflix
Despite no official confirmation of The Babysitter 3's Netflix release date, McG expressed enthusiasm about the potential third installment:
"Yeah, we're still talking about it. It was fun. The first movie, obviously, gave Samara Weaving to the world, and the second movie was Jenna Ortega. Hopefully, we can answer the call and find a third star that reaches those lofty heights," he revealed.
While McG, known for directing the first two films, is likely to helm the third, he hinted at the possibility of stepping into a production role. His focus is on delivering an experience that surpasses fan expectations.
"If a sequel happens, we can cast someone else in it who will blow the fans away," he added.
The success of "The Babysitter" series lies in McG's knack for casting future stars. The first movie introduced Samara Weaving as the ruthless villain Bee, who later rose to fame with roles in "Ready or Not" and "Scream VI." The sequel, "The Babysitter: Killer Queen," starred Jenna Ortega, now recognized for her roles in "Wednesday" and the recent "Scream" films.
While McG and his team are still in the conceptual phase, the director is hopeful that once a script is finalized, they can cast a rising star who will leave a lasting impact. As the franchise has a track record of launching careers, fans eagerly await the announcement of the next lead in "The Babysitter 3."
For now, McG's latest film, "Family Switch," is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on November 30th. As the director continues to blend Entertainment with depth, his vision for "The Babysitter 3" promises a thrilling addition to the beloved horror-comedy series. Stay tuned for further updates on the development of this anticipated Netflix project.
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