"That’s How Things Work": Your Mind Will Get Lost In 21 Hilariously Face-palm Moments

Have you ever longed to prolong a discussion with strangers over topics that everyone could discuss? If you answered yes, you may have encountered the situation. You want to have a thorough discussion with everyone else, but things don't go as planned because you tried to sound serious but merely explained the obvious. And you understand these are face-palm moments, and you never want to make the same mistake again. We came across this Reddit group known as "That’s How Things Work," dedicated to sharing humiliating moments of people who tried to be deep but failed terribly. Thoughts or problems that arise during sleepless nights or in the shower should not be expressed, or you will be included on this list due to your own foolishness.
Take a look at a list of hilarious photos shared by "That’s How Things Work" Reddit community. This list is full of funny, face-palm moments that might make you giggle at all times. Don’t hesitate to share them with your friends and family. Enjoy!

#1. Thanks, I hate names

Source: Exile_The_Fallen

#2. Are you twins in real life?

Source: SalazarRED

#3. He blames pot

Source: SalazarRED

#4. My cake!

Source: tigbitties888

#5. Headlines

Source: _kellythomas_

#6. Ah yes. Evolution has nothing to do with genetics

Source: EthanLeEthan

#7. How stock photos work

Source: Reddit

#8. Opinions must be objective

Source: Reddit

#9. Low battery? Charge your phone

Source: J_KR

#10. Yes, that’s how genetics work

Source: kill3r326

#11. Amazon review for a backpack...

Source: salty_llama

#12. That’s just what it is

Source: Reddit

#13. What a question

Source: Regi413

#14. Yes, Doing Things Have Consequences

Source: PanaceaPlacebo

#15. Smh

Source: pastalavista01

#16. Yes that’s how it usually works

Source: Reddit

#17. Cecil’s brother, Jericho, is also a lion, don’t you know that!?

Source: Slomotion321

#18. That's why it's called a virus

Source: CouragesPusykat

#19. Kinda the goal, right?

Source: esquared722

#20. This is a fact

Source: Reddit

#21. That’s why biographies are written

Source: TristanLennon

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