Teenage Girl Yelled At Toddler Who Strangled Her Dog And Was Badly Blamed For It

Toddlers and pets can be good buddies. Many people are proud of their childhood accompanied by furry family members. However, there are opinions disagreeing with that idea. Is it true that how pets act toward babies is unpredictable and dangerous and that how little kids do with animals show their inner selves? Let's look for an answer through this story!

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The original poster was a 15-year-old teenage girl with her Reddit account u/Et3rnalV0id and spoke on the most dramatic subreddit r/AmItheA**hole. Since her parents were abroad, she was living with her aunt, whose child (Lexi) was two. The OP had a female dog named Atlas. She preferred the pooch to any person and didn't like Lexi.

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When the OP heard a deafening dog's scream from outside her room, she ran and witnessed the troublemaking toddler using a random rope to choke Atlas. The pup fainted, which infuriated the OP. Then, she yelled at the little girl to stop and prevent her from doing it again. However, the aunt explained the dog was never strangled on purpose and scolded the OP for being cruel to not-knowing-anything Lexi.

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The OP was confused by that reaction, and so do many other Redditors in the comment section. They don't agree with each other on whose fault it was. Dog lovers state that whoever picks it up with their woofing babies deserves to be yelled at and that they wouldn't mind scolding even toddlers. Besides, they think abusing animals or choking a living creature is never normal for a little kid.

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On the other hand, some comments defend the two-year-old cousin. They claim that the toddler was innocent. It was her mom's fault to let her play dumb around the dog without supervision. Moreover, they point out that if the OP had been more cautious about her dog and disastrous cousin, she would have kept Atlas safe from the start.

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The only thing that everyone agrees on is never leaving a little kid with an animal all by themselves. Toddlers need help and education from parents to hold precious toward pets. What do you think? Expose your perspective in the comment box below! If you like to discuss this story, like and share it with your friends! Next, jump to another interesting post on our site!
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