Sweet Senior Dog Adopts Group Of Tiny Orphaned Opossums And Helps Them Grow Up With Love

We can’t deny that every woman has the maternal instinct inside her soul, no matter whether she has kids or not. Thus, they tend to shelter and care for babies and little creatures.
This is also true for animals, and they seem to show affection towards those from different species too. Have you ever heard of the myth that a child is raised by a pack of wolves in the forest? What about a giant bunny taking care of a group of lambs? This is a similar story, where tiny opossums got love from a dog after they lost their mother. 

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Two years ago, a 13-year-old dog called Sophia got an unexpected chance to take care of several offspring. She’d never been a mom before, but she knew how to deal with a group of tiny opossums. 

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The story started when Sophia’s owner, James, spotted baby opossums next to their mom’s dead body on the road. “[They] were found along the road next to their mother [who] had been hit by a vehicle,” James shared. “We brought them home […] and our Chihuahua, Sophia, immediately became interested and protective of them.”

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It seemed like the sweet pup sniffed out the opossums’ need for a parent, so she decided to help. She kept staying around the youngsters to ensure they were safe and warm. “Her behavior surprised us because of her age and she had never been a mother,” James said.
Because Sophia was taking care of babies of a different kind, she had to acclimate to several new skills, including transporting the opossums atop her back. However, she was willing to learn to accommodate her babies’ needs, though it took a while to get used to.

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"They quickly became too large to hitch rides on her," James said. "But she always remained vigilant in keeping an eye on their activities."
The baby grew happily and healthily with the tender love and care Sophia showered them. The dog’s owner released the opossums when they were finally mature enough to survive in the wild. "We released them into the wild in the late fall when they were able to fend for themselves," James said.

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Now Sophia has reached the age of 15 and still enjoys every moment of her life. The baby opossums hold an irreplaceable place in her heart, so hopefully, they will continue to thrive out there in nature.
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