20 Hilarious Pics Of Super Bizarre Cats That’ll Totally Confuse You

Scientists have demonstrated that seeing images of cats may help people relax and reduce tension. It goes without saying that everyone adores adorable cats. Try spending a relaxed day at home with your kitties. It is great. On the other hand, super bizarre cats exhibit weird habits that make us wonder about whatever we see. We are dubious and perplexed about their origin. Are they creatures from another planet? This is most likely the question that comes to mind when you look at the photographs we’ve assembled below.

Take a look at 20 hilarious pics of super bizarre cats that’ll totally confuse you. We promise they’ll make you laugh out loud. Have a good laugh, guys!

#1. He is lying on his back on top of the cabinets with his eyes wide open, just staring at the ceiling

Source: soccer-law

#2. I think I caught her in the middle of transitioning into a snake

Source: AlyciaBottoms

#3. I refresh Reddit and Twitter over and over for anything Kokomi

Source: really_hate_Ifunny

#4. What is the story of this cat’s face?

Source: tumblr

#5. He needed to do something to distract his parents from the mess he made

Source: Metaweb

#6. Here is my special guy!!!

Source: Lonely-Flower-2308

#7. He drinks like a weirdo

Source: DerangedRhinoceras

#8. Why are you upside down, human?

Source: ramdom-ink

#9. How’s it hanging?

Source: sadanduseless

#10. What?

Source: sadanduseless

#11. Cats are indeed the epitome of grace

Source: fat_old_boy

#12. Did you want to talk?

Source: rexiecat

#13. My cat, when she realizes she’s stuck

Source: Imgur

#14. My friend found this derpy cat stuck in a fence

Source: manimalmaniac

#15. Wuuut?

Source: sadanduseless

#16. When you walk in to find your cats plotting to talk over the world and quietly walk right back out

Source: Pinterest

#17. My cat got stuck in the hamster’s cage

Source: Imgur

#18. My roommate’s cat is relentless. you can’t get anything done around here

Source: twomanyc00ks

#19. It seems we’ve adopted a cat with no spine

Source: CazCaz11

#20. Harold after vigorously humping his cow for 20 minutes

Source: Cedenyo