20 Examples Of Stupid Car Mods No One Was Ready For

For some, a car costs a fortune, thus they have to put money aside for years if they want to buy one. They would treat it like treasure and wouldn't allow anyone they didn't trust enough to touch it. Thus, it would drive them up the wall if they saw someone intentionally damage their cars just for fun. To be fair, who doesn't get mad when a costly item like a car is so poorly repainted or redecorated? And apparently, someone created an online community on Reddit known as r/Sh*tty_Car_Mods where everyone can shame stupid car mods together.
Below, we have collected 20 examples of stupid-looking cars as shared by members of this subreddit. Scroll down with caution or you will break your screen!

#1. This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen, I love it.

Source: Just_Meh26

#2. Pika Pika

Source: Da40kOrks

#3. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think this guy was holding hornets...

Source: SamburuMoron

#4. Hmmmm

Source: delicateAmyloid

#5. Thoughts on this?

Source: berealkid

#6. I don't want to live on this planet anymore

Source: Basic_Suit8938

#7. I think people who do this are so f*cking stupid

Source: georgie_boy_gemini

#8. Looks like the seeds grew in its stomach…poor car

Source: adventurejay

#9. Florida never stops giving…

Source: Primarytarget1

#10. Not an awesome sticker, my dude

Source: Sunni_tzu

#11. Beautiful car beautiful stickers

Source: RevolutionaryShine86

#12. Any fuel thieves will get a little surprise


#13. How does it turn on when the engine gets hot?

Source: kid-beanie

#14. Amazing

Source: clearlyEncrust

#15. Would or would not?

Source: GhostalMedia

#16. "I'm not like most teens, I'm 47"

Source: turbocharged_autism

#17. You drive a Japanese car, we get it

Source: sealedWhipcord

#18. Imagine having the money for one of those things and yet still be sooooooo desperate for attention from strangers

Source: Boundish91

#19. He just got promoted

Source: Noufalsaeed

#20. Ah yes...eyelashes and lips

Source: sqrtyerty

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