Stream Or Skip? 'How I Become A Gangster' Netflix Review

Based on actual events, Netflix’s ‘How I Became a Gangster’ (originally titled ‘Jak Zostalem Gangsterem. Historia prawdziwa’) is a Polish crime drama movie directed by Maciej Kawulski. The movie has just been released on Netflix. Here is a detailed about 'How I Become A Gangster' movie review.

1. How I Become A Gangster: What is it about?

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It is a coming-up story of an ambitious and unknown gangster who wants to be at the top. Starting from the bottom, his determination and ambition drive him to move up the criminal underworld ranks by hook or crook. When the gangster finally becomes renowned and gets his shot at the big time, he realizes that the crown comes with its thorns and dangerous consequences.
In the movie, the protagonist shares his story of how he was influenced to become a gangster as a child, building his business from the ground and finding love while being in this difficult situation. This Polish film will run for 2 hours and 20 minutes, telling an interesting story of how violence, friendship, love and drugs make the cornerstones of being a gangster.
The film is directed by Maciej Kawulski, who is also known for his producing work in 365 Days and his directing capabilities in How I Fell in Love with a Gangster. How I Became a Gangster, however, follows our protagonist, known only as Gangster, as he narrates his story from his childhood explaining in this run time of over two hours how he decided to become a gangster and what he must stomach to be a good one.

2. How I Become A Gangster review

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The protagonist narrates right from the beginning, and listening to him relishing his slow ascent to gangster victory is enough to make any weary and right-minded audience question why they are watching this in the first place.
It’s interesting how, in such a long runtime, the movie never really reaches that point where you relate or empathize with any of the characters or want them to achieve whatever it is that they want to. I mean, it would, maybe, be weird to empathize with people who kidnap and harm others. But still, it’s oddly unnerving watching a piece of media where you couldn’t care less about the characters.

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Maybe it’s because How I Became a Gangster presents these characters exactly how you’d expect them to be. Their decisions, mannerisms, and the general way in which they present themselves and think are just out of every gangster movie rule book that you’d be able to imagine. They are boring and repetitive and present nothing more than just another crime movie.
The action-packed sequences are complemented by the impressive performances from a talented ensemble comprising Marcin Kowalczyk, Tomasz Wlosok, Natalia Szroeder, Natalia Siwiec, and Jan Frycz. Moreover, the use of thrilling locations throughout the movie will likely make one curious to know more about the actual filming sites of ‘How I Became a Gangster.’ If you are paddling the same boat of curiosity, allow us to provide you with all the information regarding the same! How I Became a Gangster is streaming on Netflix.
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