27 Stories About The Dumbest Co-Workers Nobody Was Ready For

As an individual, it's absolutely normal to make mistakes. We typically experience several mistakes every day, whether it is bumping into a glass door or sending an email to the wrong client. Sometimes, however, we may make a huge mistake that surprises both ourselves and those around us.
Reddit user xk543x asked the community in a post a few days ago, "What's the dumbest mistake you've seen an incompetent co-worker make?" And the comments section has been overrun with responses. Therefore, we made the decision to gather the greatest (or worst?) ones. To be honest, I'm not sure whether to be amazed or disappointed by these people.

#1. I'm guessing they didn't get a bonus for increasing the stock levels.

Source: PumpkinsDad

#2. Seriously, you can just turn most toasters upside down and shake out the majority of the crumbs.

Source: tallbutshy

#3. Also OP´s comment: "Guys come in from all over the country the night before the sales meeting. Everyone hangs out at the hotel bar and drinks too much. He was just hungover...and stupid."

Source: barto5

#4. This could've been an episode of Air Crash Investigation.

Source: BigZombieKing

#5. Guess they got the point.

Source: kingcrimson881

#6. There’s a special place for this kind of intelligence called graveyard.

Source: FormerWordsmith

#7. Makes you wonder how many graves have the wrong person in them, just because no one caught the mistake...

Source: Shubabi

#8. He was too hot to handle

Source: RosenBrtt

#9. That hurts just from reading

Source: Mr_Frible

#10. Was his name Homer?

Source: LtDirtyBear

#11. Old habits die hard.

Source: zachm26

#12. So that person touched everything we touch after we wash our hands.

Source: eljosho1986

#13. Well, was it a mistake or was it his plan all along?

Source: Clear_Suspect2987

#14. Using Comic Sans is so unprofessional. No wonder he got fired.

Source: Visible_Love_1955

#15. Must have been a Beatles fan

Source: atot806

#16. If there was no call host on that session who could easily mute his mic, turn off his camera and even remove him easily this company is as incompetent as that employee.

Source: remembering_things

#17. Why is Jerry still an employee? The mind boggles.

Source: ONSFishing

#18. Almost but not quite as stupid as the couple of teen morons who smoked poison sumac in a pipe trying to get high, yes they died.

Source: Onwisconsin42

#19. So this is why the ice cream machines are always shut down at McD's

Source: Yaboijustlikesgoats

#20. He lost it?

Source: allthefishinthelake

#21. Woah, covering 10m loses in one day, damnit, i wouldn't mind earning like that for a day

Source: the_real_grinningdog

#22. How'd he last a month?

Source: theysocool

#23. After closing, a tightwad employer insisted that rather than changing a vat of dirty oil I throw ice cubes into it while hot. Supposedly this would cause any particles to rise to the top to be skimmed off. I explained why this was a bad idea then told him to do it himself when he refused to listen. Later he called asking me to come back in and clean the mess.

Source: Ohiolongboard

#24. Ah don't worry, I'm sure $3000 of fertilizer washed to the nearest stream won't have any impact on the ecosystem.

Source: lydriseabove

#25. You can recover deleted files in Dropbox with one click.

Source: Flat-Cold

#26. I can smell it now, the burning plastic... ew.

Source: jeffers2286

#27. The grass is always longer on the other sideee

Source: Errol-Flynns-Ghost

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