Hold Your Jaw Up Before Seeing These 20 Most Hilarious Sports Tweets Of All Time

The appearance of Twitter was a breakthrough. Twitter quickly captured a huge market share, and directly competed with the big boys. One thing is undeniable, social networking has changed sports and the world so much, and so has Twitter.


Twitter has been around for more than a decade and has been at the forefront of this change. Some of the most heated debates in sports are happening on social media right now. Besides, there are also many of the worst debates taking place at the same time. Check out the list of the 20 most hilarious and funniest sports tweets and hottest takes in Twitter history that I compiled today. Let's go! If you want to see funny pictures and photos, just join us here.


#1. Baker Mayfield: Confident or Cocky?

Source: Baker Mayfield

#2. Funny, Sad and True

Source: maliagif

#3. There's Just BT and AT: Before Twitter and After Twitter

Source: Charlie Villanueva cvbelieve.eth

#4. Burr-Hamilton: The Sequel

Source: Benjamin Hochman

#5. King vs. President

Source: LeBron James

#6. Call Me, Maybe?

Source: Jaromir Jagr

#7. You're Not Shooting a Porno, Right?'

Source: JohnnyGWeir

#8. JohnnyGWeir

Source: SportsTalkBarry

#9. The Age of Social Media

Source: JoelEmbiid

#10. Greatest of Naw Time

Source: SportsTalkBarry

#11. Steph or KD?

Source: KDTrey5

#12. Nike's Newest Slogan?

Source: LadyBroseph

#13. The Tweet That Keeps on Giving

Source: OldPlayerTweets

#14. What's the Greater Athletic Achievement?

Source: EugeneLeeYang

#15. Jurassic Halftime


#16. Twins?

Source: KOCOKeating

#17. Hotter Than the Sun Takes

Source: robertmays

#18. There's a Lesson To Be Learned Here

Source: JordanHeckFF

#19. Skip's Hottest Take?

Source: RealSkipBayless

#20. Noodle Racing Should Be an Olympic Sport

Source: WWarped

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