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  1. What is Spider-Man India’s real name?
  2. Does Pavitr Prabhakar appear in Marvel Comics?
  3. What’s his role in Across The Spider-Verse?
  4. Does Pavitr have a love interest in Across the Spider-Verse?
  5. Will we see Pavitr again in future Spider-Verse sequels?

Everything We Know About Pavitr Prabhakar, The Indian Spider-Man In Across The Multiverse

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was released this June and quickly gains favorable reviews from fans and critics alike after just days of premiere. In this new sequel, our protagonist, Miles Morales, finds himself tangled in the vast organization of Spider-Society, with hundreds of thousands of different Spider-Man variants working together to protect the balance of the Multiverse. We are thrilled to see countless versions of Wall Crawler that were brought from the comics to the big screen, with some of them having distinct outlooks and wielding unique abilities, and one of the best examples is Spider-Man India.

One of the lesser-known variants of Spider-Man in the comics, however Spider-Man India, voiced by Karan Soni, knows exactly how to make his mark in the Multiverse with his one-of-a-kind weapon and hilarious quips. Let us learn more about one of the most unique and interesting characters in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse through this article.


#1. What is Spider-Man India’s real name?

Spider-Man India’s real identity is Pavitr Prabhakar, an alternate Indian version of Peter Parker. Only got his arachnid powers six months back, he quickly masters the art, and is one of the most capable Web-Slingers in the Spider-Society in Nueva York. Instead of getting bitten by a radioactive spider, Pavitr possesses quite similar powers to Peter Parker, which he got from an ancient yogi, and wields a traditional dhoti in battle, which helps him weave webs with ease.

In Across the Spider-Verse, Pavitr is voiced by Karan Soni, who also stars as fan-favorite Dopinder in the Deadpool franchise, who absolutely nails every quip during his appearance.  


#2. Does Pavitr Prabhakar appear in Marvel Comics?

Source: Marvel Comics

Making his Marvel debut back in January 2005 in Spider-Man: India #1, Pavitr is Earth-50101 variant of Wall Crawler, who is tasked with keeping order in the city of Mumbhattan. In the comics, he also has his own versions of Uncle Ben (Uncle Bhim) and Aunt May (Aunt Maya), and Mary Jane (Meera Jain). 

In this universe, Pavitr’s arch-nemesis is Nalin Oberoi, a known crime lord in Mumbhattan who got possessed by a demon after performing an ancient ritual. There’s also a version of Doc Ock, who eventually turns into an ally of Spider-Man India after having a change of heart, and a Venom variant. 

Even in Earth-50101, the infamous Parker Luck also comes to haunt Pavitr, making him lose his uncle while trying to save a citizen. At least, he gets his happy ending with his love interest, Meera Jain in the end.


#3. What’s his role in Across The Spider-Verse?

The dynamic duo Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy reach Mumbahattan and encounter Pavitr there while searching for The Spot, the main antagonist of the film. This version of Spider-Man India looks a bit different from the comic, with a much more elaborate traditional outfit, and his long wavy hair is let loose from the mask. In the movie, Pavitr is an optimistic and charismatic person, who’s very wary of his tradition and language (by the way, it’s chai, not chai tea, because chai tea means tea tea!). 

He’s also quite outspoken, immediately addressing Gwen and Miles’s blooming chemistry without fear. Pavitr also proves himself to be a capable and talented Spider-Man, despite having only taken the mantle for merely six months. He masters his web-swinging technique using his dhoti, and can save multiple citizens in style.


#4. Does Pavitr have a love interest in Across the Spider-Verse?

A bit different from his comic counterpart, Pavitr’s girlfriend in Across the Spider-Verse is not Meera Jain, but Gayatri Singh. As the daughter of Officer Singh, a policeman that Miles saves while in Mumbhattan, Gayatri is likely to be an alternate version of Gwen Stacy, whose father is also an officer. The two are very close, but it seems that Gayatri doesn’t know about her boyfriend’s secret identity just yet.


#5. Will we see Pavitr again in future Spider-Verse sequels?

At the end of the movie, Gwen Stacy gathers a team of different Spider-Man variants, which includes some of Miles’s old friends, and of course, Pavitr as well. Pavitr becomes indebted to Miles after the latter saves his girlfriend’s father’s life, so it only makes sense that he’d join in the mission to rescue our protagonist in Beyond the Spider-Verse.

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