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  2. What Happened In Sonic Prime Season 2?
  3. Sonic Prime Season 3 Preview

Sonic Prime Season 3 Preview: Release Date, Characters & More

As the anticipation for "Sonic Prime" Season 3 reaches its peak, fans are eager to see how the high-stakes adventures of Sonic and his friends unfold on Netflix. The previous season left us on a tantalizing note, with the fate of the Shatterverse hanging in the balance, and Season 3 promises to elevate the excitement even further.

Sonic Prime Season 3 Release Date

Source: Netflix After School

The final batch of Sonic Prime season 3 is coming on January 11, 2024.

The official release time for Sonic Prime season 3 has not been confirmed, but the last season's release time is 
12 am PT in the US and 8 am BST in the UK, so the Sonic Prime season 3's release time is likely to be:

Some Other Time Zones:

  • Eastern Time (ET) in the US: 3 AM
  • Central Time (CT) in the US: 2 AM
  • Mountain Time (MT) in the US: 1 AM
  • Alaska Time (AKT) in the US: 11 PM (previous day)
  • Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST): 9 PM (previous day)
  • Central European Summer Time (CEST): 9 AM
  • Eastern European Summer Time (EEST): 10 AM
  • India Standard Time (IST): 12:30 PM
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST): 5 PM
  • Japan Standard Time (JST): 4 PM

Where To Watch:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Justwatch

What Happened In Sonic Prime Season 2?

Source: Netflix

Season 2 of "Sonic Prime" ended with a dramatic twist, where the power of the Paradox Prism fell under the control of Nine, turning the Shatterverse upside down. The stability of this power hinges on energy trapped inside Sonic, risking his very existence.

This dire situation set the stage for a climactic battle in Green Hill, where Sonic faced the daunting prospect of making the ultimate sacrifice to save both friends and foes.


Sonic Prime Season 3 Preview

Sonic Prime Season 3 Preview Source: Netflix
In Season 3, the narrative is likely to escalate to unprecedented heights. The focus will be on Sonic's dilemma regarding the energy extraction needed to stabilize the Prism and the peril it poses to him. This season could explore Sonic's internal struggle and the lengths he will go to protect the Shatterverse.
  • Sonic's Sacrifice: The possibility of Sonic making a profound sacrifice to save the Shatterverse is intriguing. This could lead to unexpected plot developments, possibly involving alternate realities or dimensions.
  • New Alliances and Enemies: With the Shatterverse in turmoil, new alliances and enemies might emerge. Characters like Shadow the Hedgehog could play pivotal roles, either aiding or hindering Sonic's quest.
  • The Role of Nine: The character of Nine, with control over the Paradox Prism, is set to be a key antagonist. His unpredictable nature might introduce new challenges for Sonic and his team.
  • Unexplored Territories in the Shatterverse: The season could explore uncharted territories within the Shatterverse, bringing in new landscapes and challenges that test Sonic's abilities and wit.
  • Character Development: Expect deeper character arcs, especially for Sonic, as he grapples with his potential sacrifice and its implications for his friends and the Shatterverse.
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