Sometimes I Believe Some Of Us Should Purchase More Lucks In Case Ours Running Out Like These Folks

There are some days that are far worse than others. Perhaps you were late for your bus and had to walk a mile in the rain, or perhaps you had left your money at home and were forced to have a glass of water for lunch. But, no matter how miserable your day seems to be, someone is almost always having a worse time.
Have you ever been stung in the face by a porcupine or discovered that cows have been residing in your just constructed home for a while? It doesn't seem so horrible if you forget your lunch at home all of a sudden, does it? See the photos below to see the folks that are most likely having a worse day than you!

#1. Blizzard blew the man door on my garage open yesterday

Source: PCDevine

#2. Company owner decided to stop paying his drivers so one of them parked their semi on the owners Ferrari and just left it there.

Source: FantasyFlyer3

#3. My 5 year old, independently read 50 books. Took all year. i present to you the "50 book reward" from his primary school...

Source: 5toofus

#4. Sold my iPad in public space at night in Minnesotan -10F temperature, turned out it's fake.

Source: raimibonn

#5. I’m being over charged by insurance after my daughter was born. This is the pile of mail I have to go through to prove they’re ripping me off. Pear for scale.

Source: ethicalgreyarea

#6. Overnight coworker sent me this last night.

Source: D0nk3yPunch912

#7. Japan’s “Killing Stone” breaks in half after 1,000 years. Legend has it that the demonic spirit trapped inside is now free to wreak havoc on the land.

Source: ramblingbird

#8. Had my catalytic converter stolen twice now. Wish me luck on #3 (actual photos)

Source: GotProof

#9. After a grueling day at work without food where I had to wait 4 hours for a sample to arrive which got canceled, I come home at 7pm to find all my shit in garbage bags cause the cleaners my landlord sent cleared the wrong apartment.

Source: km1180

#10. First Day of School in Georgia

Source: Sweducks

#11. My boss's secretary quit this morning after delivering breakfast.

Source: whothefuqisdan

#12. My most useful little kitchen knife went to the great drawer in the sky today after 18 years stalwart service :(

Source: BeardySi

#13. Someone came in and ordered 46 sandwich combos at 1:45 AM. We close at 2.

Source: reddit

#14. Moving across the country in a few weeks, invited my friends to a farewell bbq. All canceled or just didn't show

Source: erokitel128

#15. Saw this on FB with someone asking for a contractor. Holy shit!

Source: King_Baboon

#16. My bathroom’s vanity drawer slid open by itself and is now blocking the only way into the bathroom. I can only open the door about 1cm

Source: OneTimeISawABird

#17. Someone parked across our driveway and we can't get the car out on Christmas Eve.

Source: asomek

#18. Friend was served this burger last night. Waitress physically recoiled when we showed her. I’m not a burger expert but that seems a little too pink.

Source: jewelsisnotonfire

#19. A bird crapped in the open mouth piece of my coffee

Source: JackedRussellTerror

#20. My boyfriend told me this was just the top of his canoe when he was on his trip this weekend

Source: stupidsometimes

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