Some Of The Weirdest Things People Came Across While Shopping

Are you a shopper? Like, browsing the aisles, finding something you like, and choosing it, is simple enjoyment. People are eager to pay for this delight even though it can be a little pricey when you don't realize how many items are in your cart. Who says you can't purchase happiness with money? I'll accept that cash and spend the money joyfully, stress-free, and in good health.
A supermarket is a place where all sorts of weird, and funny people can be found. In general, the place has become popular for various hilarious and random things happening in and around it. Below, you'll find a collection of pics that people took of interesting things they encountered at stores and supermarkets. Check it out!

#1 A pet duck? Why not?

Source: ArielChipps

#2 Is today Halloween?

Source: Reddit

#3 Anything to keep those little ones quiet

Source: SirJukesALot

#4 That's a fashionable dog

Source: ImpromtuThings

#5 Show me a true guard

Source: gumptionrusty

#6 Just a normal day at Walmart

Source: HeyBlenderhead

#7 Smile everywhere

Source: boonanana

#8 I have seen a lot"

Source: drdiddles

#9 "Mind your business, hooman. I'm doing yoga. Don't bother me"

Source: Thegoddamnpatman

#10 OMG. Somebody helps!

Source: Xander779

#11 My last two brain cells trying to remember what I forgot

Source: yesthebees

#12 Look at this goat, then look back at me

Source: DystopianSoul

#13 Those are some nice stilettos you’ve got there, mister

Source: NepoEgassap

#14 It's 4am. This is what I find in Walmart

Source: x_SomeGuy

#15 It's a sale... at IKEA

Source: amycakes12

#16 I see your Costco Amish little person and I raise you my Costco lady having lunch with Pikachu

Source: chkenpooka

#17 They knew they messed up

Source: doctor_robocop

#18 Showdown at the supermarket

Source: Cyan-Panda

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