Some Of The Most Interesting Original Images Used By Redditors In Photoshop Battles

From the introduction of the first image editing software, people have continually astounded us with their creativity and talent. And there is no better place to put your abilities to the test than the r/photoshopbattles subreddit.
The subreddit hosts a battle each week in which people are given an image to manipulate and are encouraged to be as inventive as possible. Check out some of the hottest photos that people used as materials for their Photoshopping skills.

#1. PsBattle: cats hugging

Source: kokirikorok

#2. PsBattle: Guy steals US Congress speaker's podium

Source: Cistoran

#3. PsBattle: Two Ukrainian kids paying their respect to Ukraine troops

Source: artunitinc

#4. PsBattle: Dog staring down a crab

Source: woxy_lutz

#5. PsBattle: two men carving pumpkins

Source: SoundVisionZ

#6. PsBattle: WandaVision cosplay

Source: i-love-tree-rats

#7. PsBattle: Bird sitting on a street lamp

Source: SalazarRED

#8. PsBattle: Crab holding Fish

Source: luvintheride

#9. PsBattle: Husky near a Grey Wolf

Source: bluuebunny

#10. PsBattle: Obama winning connect four against Stephen Curry

Source: Greekheaded

#11. PsBattle: Daniel Radcliffe and Weird Al at a playground

Source: Geo-NS

#12. PsBattle: this baby hippo

Source: mynameismrguyperson

#13. PsBattle: Halloween Costume

Source: OCDGaming

#14. PsBattle: Josh Brolin behind the scenes of Avengers Infinity War.

Source: TuvoksDoRag

#15. PsBattle: Eiffel Tower in snow

Source: Geo-NS

#16. PsBattle: This guy who accidentally bought an iPhone shaped coffee table instead of an iPhone

Source: Thomboyepic

#17. PsBattle: Dog peaking through a gate

Source: frutiking

#18. PsBattle: Cameraman at gunpoint in Hong Kong

Source: SalazarRED

#19. PsBattle: Person in an unusual pose

Source: naturalenergybyproxy

#20. PsBattle: Dog wearing a dress and wig

Source: SchrodingersNutsack

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