Some Of The Most Atrocious Ways To Serve Food In A Restaurant

Restaurants occasionally make a valiant effort to be inventive with their presentation and plating concepts but often fall short woefully. The idea of serving meals in anything other than plates and bowls may have been conceived as an act of creativity, but it has proven to be such a failure that the "We Want Plates" subreddit has been brought into action.
It is the worldwide campaign "against serving food on scraps of wood and roof slates, chips in mugs, and drinks in jam jars," according to this website. See some of the strangest things people have been served in the gallery below, which includes everything from pancakes served in a mask to a salad delivered in an ashtray.

#1. My Cocktail Came In A Box

Source: Sanchezq

#2. Japan..

Source: MakeMeTea

#3. Beautifully Plated, But Not A Plate, Not Even Over A Plate

Source: MrMarkAhsac

#4. Venison Cubes On A Deer Antler

Source: dayda

#5. The Churro Shoe

Source: TheCazaloth

#6. Got Sandy Feet As A Dessert

Source: Texoe

#7. Caesar Salad Or Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Source: nonsonosvizzero

#8. First Patio Since Covid And This Is What I Get. I Told The Owner I Was Going To Post On This Sub And He Said He Would Bring Me The Sandwich On A Plate Next Time If This Post Blows Up

Source: entrepreneurialCan

#9. At A 2 Michelin Starred Restaurant

Source: jazlyna

#10. Served In An Ashtray

Source: perrotini

#11. Blood Pancakes In A Mask..

Source: louiseverard

#12. Chocolate “Horse Turd” Truffles On A Manure Fork. Just No

Source: pacingpilot

#13. I Just Thought You Guys Were No Fun, But I Get It Now….

Source: EZZE__________

#14. The Sauce Was Dripping From The Holes

Source: JJsjsjsjssj

#15. Can You Spot My Lamb Chop?

Source: Mesmerizes

#16. Whats Up With All Of This Food On Your Hand Trend?

Source: vitorgj

#17. Especially In This Times, Don’t Want To Eat From One Table With Like 10 Other People

Source: Ronin2406

#18. Friend’s Mother Went To A Restaurant And Got A Glass Of Pasta! Upside Down!

Source: VinWing13

#19. Nachos On A Rusty Bin Lid

Source: mrwringe

#20. Gravy In A Urinal

Source: TheBrontosaurus

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