Some Fools Should Be Stripped Off Their Driver's Licenses

Although not everyone is born with the ability to drive, the majority of people just learn to do so, whether it be the difficult or simple manner. But in reality, having a driver's license won't shield you from aggressive drivers, hazardous situations, or the reckless actions that occur much too frequently.
Therefore, this list from Aubtu is an important reminder to keep our eyes peeled for any peculiar, unexpected, and just stupid sightings. Like this crazy person who drives while sitting cross-legged or this motorist who appears to be having a fancy romantic meal while holding a plate and fork in their hand.
We should learn what to anticipate and how to respond in such awful situations from the visuals rather than from actual events, even though this is neither safe nor funny.

#1. Your lights don’t just light the road in front of you, they blind oncoming traffic. Tone it down JFC

Source: u/AKwolff77

#2. He picked a bad day to block the fire hydrant.

Source: u/BruceInc

#3. Another one from the Walmart in my town

Source: u/Hot_Resolution69

#4. First day back on campus just to find this

Source: u/kristiad

#5. Unless racing, it’s time to change the tires

Source: u/ChronoFoe

#6. Just now, at the gas station...

Source: u/bruchagks

#7. Welcome to new England. It snows here.

Source: u/Wishbone_508

#8. I was involved in a hit and run, but the idiot left their plate in my wheel.

Source: u/-S-Aint

#9. Last weekend, I was the idiot. Didn't notice until 1h down the road.. 8-|

Source: u/retrowarp

#10. Not quite as off-road capable as they thought.

Source: u/BigPimpin91

#11. Truck lifted too high to see the Porsche in front of him.

Source: u/AnynameIwant1

#12. Does this count…?

Source: u/BruceInc

#13. So customer drove about 2 miles with it like this....

Source: u/whosurmomma69

#14. Windshield breaking machine

Source: u/YourBestAnswer

#15. A nearly perfect scalped truck

Source: u/Briefskindaguy

#16. That isn’t an off-ramp…

Source: u/n0tLost

#17. At some point last night someone hit our neighbors mailbox. Nobody heard anything. Just a stab in the dark here, but I'm willing to bet they were drunk since they left PART OF THE FLIPPIN CAR!

Source: u/_dadof3girls_

#18. This happened in my city. She was arrested.

Source: u/kerosene-dreamer

#19. What is he doing

Source: u/AbelNB

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