Some Christmas Fails That Are Not So Merry

Christmas is all about lavish, sparkling décor, joyful moods, gifts, and enjoyment. The saddest part is that sometimes people strive too hard and nothing ever comes of it!
So before going overboard this year, consider these 20 terrible Christmas flops.

#1. Candle Holder Gone Wrong

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#2. No Instructions Included

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#3. What A Mess!

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#4. When your in-laws prepare a stocking for you that isn’t exactly what you were expecting.

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#5. When you have cheeky kids in the neighborhood, you’d better expect something like this could happen sooner or later!

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#6. Starting Christmas on the wrong foot

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#7. Make sure you use trivets on your glass top table before you trust it with your Christmas dinner.

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#8. When you’ve spent some time preparing the quintessential Christmas drink, the bottle going bottomless is the last thing you’d expect to happen.

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#9. Every year our aunt in Maine sends us little handmade chocolate lobsters. This year they are soap. Guess how I found out?

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#10. I was putting up Christmas lights on my roof a while back when this happened...

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#11. Dinner Ruined

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#12. Merry Christmas

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#13. Save A Fellow Tree

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#14. No Idea Who Did This

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#15. Meat-less

Source: author_jessicafellowes

#16. What’s That Smell?

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#17. Kind Of Messy

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#18. Doggo Hates Christmas

Source: SirMumbleBee

#19. We bet a eucalyptus branch wasn’t what they were wishing for.

Source: Arkenzie

#20. my Christmas present :|

Source: magalz

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