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Skymed Filming Locations: Where Is Skymed Season 2 Filmed?

Skymed Season 2, a great mix of medical drama and exciting action, is set to air on January 11, 2024. The production of this installment started in March 2023, as announced by CBC. The show, famous for its unique plot centered around an air ambulance service, got a lot of attention for its diverse filming locations, each adding a bit of authenticity and life to the story.


Key Takeaways

  • Skymed Season 2 filming mainly took place in Manitoba, especially in Winnipeg and Steinbach, with extra scenes shot in Toronto, Ontario.
  • The locations chosen, from urban Toronto to Manitoba's natural landscapes, really boost the show's narrative, showing its main ideas of medical emergencies and high-stakes aviation.

Skymed Season 2 Filming Locations

Skymed Season 2 Filming Locations Source: CBC

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, played a crucial role as a main filming spot for Skymed Season 2. This urban yet naturally scenic city, with its dense forests and beautiful lakes, provided an ideal backdrop for the series. The wintry landscapes of Winnipeg, often covered in snow, were key in making a real and engaging setting for the show. "Skymed" utilized these elements to the fullest, bringing to life the series' dramatic and intense moments.
The plot of "Skymed" cleverly moves through these landscapes, reflecting the remote and often tough settings the characters navigate. The city's blend of modernity and wilderness reflects the show's ideas of high-stakes medical emergencies set against the backdrop of the vast Canadian landscape.
Notably, Winnipeg has been a popular choice for various other productions. Movies like "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" (2007) and "Capote" (2005) were filmed here, showcasing the city's versatility as a filming destination.

Steinbach, Manitoba

Steinbach, located southeast of Winnipeg, is another significant location for the filming of Skymed Season 2. The city's Harv’s Air, a flying school, was a focal point for the shoot, aligning perfectly with the series' story-focused themes. The involvement of Harv’s Air highlights the series' commitment to authenticity, especially in scenes involving air ambulances and flight operations.
The choice of Steinbach is not just practical but also story-focused. The series' plot, revolving around medical emergencies and air ambulance services, finds a fitting setting in Steinbach's focused on flying locations. Steinbach's unique landscape and the flying school's ambiance added a bit of realism to the show.
Other notable productions in Steinbach include "The Burial" and "The Corruption of Divine Providence," indicating the city's growing profile in the film industry.
Where Is Skymed Season 2 Filmed Source: CBC

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario also contributed to the filming of Skymed Season 2. While Manitoba was the main filming spot, Toronto provided additional settings that enriched the series' visual story. Toronto's diverse urban environment offered a contrast to Manitoba's natural landscapes, adding depth to the show's visual story.
The filming in Toronto ties in with the show's narrative needs, especially for scenes requiring an urban setting. Toronto's diverse city views allowed for a variety of backdrops, reflecting the diverse challenges faced by the characters in the series.
Toronto is a well-known filming hub, with productions like "Suits" and "The Shape of Water" having been shot in the city, further emphasizing its significance in the film and television industry.

The diverse filming locations of Skymed Season 2 - Winnipeg, Steinbach, and Toronto - each contribute uniquely to the series, both visually and narratively. These locations, with their distinctive characteristics, complement the thrilling and emotionally charged plot of the show, making "Skymed Season 2" a great watch for audiences.

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