18 Shitty Car Mods That Are Too Hard To Be Overlooked

For some, a car costs their fortunes and they have to save up for years to afford one. They would treat it like treasure and wouldn't let anyone they don't trust touch it. Therefore, they must be so mad if they see other people destroy their own cars just for fun. To be fair, who doesn't get upset when a highly priced thing like a car is so badly repainted or decorated? But many love to have their vehicles customized in such a bizarre way. They want their cars to be like no one else's so the street can be their catwalk.
We made a compilation of 18 examples of shitty car mods to share with you. Scroll down for some fun and choose your favorite! If awful-looking cars are your thing, check out our previous post here!

#1. Jesus lives are exposed

Source: asld1k9

#2. Lifted truck with skinny stretched tires. Must be Florida.

Source: VotemanXB1

#3. Introducing the all-new "Claymore Airbag"

Source: bryanthomas402

#4. The disease is spreading...

Source: Boundish91

#5. They'd probably run out of gas before getting to the voting station

Source: jhrogoff

#6. But how do you wash it by the way?

Source: vinasu

#7. Good thing they labeled it

Source: Tiny-Strain-6400

#8. Interesting approach…

Source: ItsFreeRealEstateeee

#9. Golf 4 with curves

Source: dronetroll

#10. Got that Dog Box transmission. Kinda sloppy tho

Shitty Car ModsSource: NekoDynamo

#11. Lightning McMeth found on the street today

Shitty Car ModsSource: Aschynt

#12. Throwback to the old Top Gear days

Source: DandelionGaming

#13. Political car strikes again

Source: Garfieldfan1

#14. "I saw it so now you have to see it too"

Shitty Car ModsSource: Bobby_HiIl

#15. "I don't know how to feel about this one"

Shitty Car ModsSource: Harry9564

#16. "Modified my washer fluid to squirt juice into my mouth while driving"

Shitty Car ModsSource: herrodumpring

#17. Leather seats...

Shitty Car ModsSource: ServerZero

#18. That’s not shitty that litty, everyone

Shitty Car ModsSource: cheftmfrosty

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